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  Trump as Controlled Opposition: How the Elites Overplayed Their Hand

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Last year’s election has taught us things about our government that may 
not have been apparent before. We learned that within the government, 
there are structures of power with sufficient will and interconnectivity 
to enlist massive resources in an effort to elect a verifiable criminal 
like Hillary Clinton. We are talking, of course, about what is commonly 
referred to as The Establishment.

During the election, the pro-Hillary Establishment galvanized the entire 
mainstream media, every major influential Democrat and Republican, the 
whole of academia, and the vast majority of Hollywood celebrities 
against Donald Trump.

Many people who had voted for Barack Obama previously, as polls show, 
voted for Trump based solely on the vicious, widespread opposition he 
faced from clearly corrupt sources. Many people who did not find Trump 
to be an ideal candidate voted for him on the simple premise that the 
enemy of one’s enemy is a friend.

Clinton raised and spent over $520 million for her campaign. To fund 
opposition activist groups during the election, it is estimated that 
George Soros spent over $150 million in 2016. Jill Stein raised $7.3 
million to fund the failed recount- which delivered even more votes to 
Donald Trump.

President Obama, in his final days in office, did everything he could to 
make war with Russia an inevitability. This is not just a tactic to 
confound Donald Trump. There is reason to believe that the powers 
backing Hillary Clinton had it in their sights to push the US and Russia 
into a war that would likely destroy both nations.

But why? Experts at the Heritage Foundation who have been studying 
globalist politics for decades believe that strong nation-states like 
the US and Russia stand in the way of the goal of creating a one-world 
government- and the only thing that can destroy a global superpower is 
another global superpower.

At present, almost every respectable commentator believes that a Clinton 
presidency would have made war with Russia an absolute certainty. So it 
would seem that such a war is a big item on the laundry list of someone 
with globalist interests.

Today, sources suggest that even Trump’s candidacy for the office of the 
president may have been arranged by Establishment powers. The 
pro-Hillary Washington Establishment considered him to be a straw man 
who could never win, a joke that would set a clear path to victory for 

But now that their plan has backfired and he has won, they are forced to 
carry on with the same narrative from the campaign and their tactics are 
getting easier and easier to spot. This is why leading Democrats appear 
to be wild-eyed and desperate.

But while the Democratic Party sinks beneath the miasma of its own lies, 
they are not just a lot of sore losers. Several former Washington 
insiders, including Roger Stone, have said that Donald Trump’s life may 
be in danger.

In Woodrow Wilson’s book, The New Freedom, published in 1913 he wrote: 
“An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. […] 
We know that something intervenes between the people of the United 
States and the control of their affairs at Washington. It is not the 
people who have been ruling of late. […] Some of the biggest men in the 
United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of 
somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere 
so organized, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, 
that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in 
condemnation of it.”

He is speaking about the structures that animate the mainstream media 
today and the political establishment in Washington that backed Clinton.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once famously said, “In politics, nothing 
happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that 
way.” Even John F. Kennedy spoke out against the dangers of secret 
societies that he perceived as being pervasive in Washington and a 
threat to democracy.

All of this is conjecture, based on circumstantial evidence. But the 
amount of evidence is enormous and it all points in the same direction 
suggested by Roosevelt and Wilson. If it is true, that there was a 
massive conspiracy to elect Trump as controlled opposition it means that 
there is an even greater power organized around Donald Trump.

That power is the people- united by Trump’s opposition to political 
correctness and the selling out of the American Dream- the hard-working 
men and women of the vastly underestimated “fly-over states” who voted 
him into office.

~ Conservative Zone

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