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Do "we" really live within our means?  Average household credit card debt is $16K.  It is  $135K  including mortgages and such.  My pre capita share of uncle sugar's $19T is "only" another $63K++, but my school district, city, county,sanitation authority, arena authority, etc.... all have debts that add many tens of thousands per person to the picture.  
Everywhere I look I see debt, an I'm not sure who it was borrowed from  Few years ago someone reported the Treasury  printed $7.5T more in bonds that the claimed deficit for that year.  The most likely explanation is the a  Fed is buying our own short term debt that is coming due in unmanageable numbers.  
Are we actually "borrowing"..... or is it more a case of the Fed Reserve and Treasury colluding to simply print that which can never be repaid?   We have a train wreck coming.     Tom 

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|  If We Can They Can: Should Governments Be Forced To Live Within Their Means? 
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