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*Bernie Sanders Attack’s Trump Nominee for Being a Christian*


*Christian Patriot Daily*


Today, we’re going to tackle the war on Christianity. It has peaked its 
head in Congress, and it was public and deliberate enough that the left 
can no longer deny it without telling very large lies.

*The Events*

Everything came to a head during a confirmation hearing for Russell 
Vought. During the hearing, Senator Bernie Sanders fired a slew of 
questions at Vought. These questions were centered around a paper Vought 
wrote for Wheaton College over a year ago. In the paper, Vought defended 
the college and countered points made by Larycia Hawkins. Vought argued 
that Islam itself is a “deficient” faith because it is not centered on 
belief in the divinity of Jesus.

As Sanders continued his line of questioning, he became increasingly 
heated until he directly asked Vought his views on the afterlife. 
Because Vought views his faith as the only way into heaven (as do all 
religions), Sanders condemned Vought as Islamophobic and voted against him.

Sanders’ opinion is that Vought’s religious beliefs make him unfit for 
office. In Sanders’ own words, someone “who has expressed such strong 
Islamophobic language is simply unacceptable.” In short, Sanders views 
any dissent with Islamic doctrine as unacceptable and making one unfit 
for public office.

*The Legal Issue*

There are many problems with what Sanders did and said, but we’ll start 
with the obvious legal boundaries. Article VI of the Constitution is 
direct and clear on the matter, “no religious test shall ever be 
required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the 
United States.”

Sanders’ questioning could have been in the gray area at first, but he 
when he unequivocally asked Vought his belief on the afterlife, he 
unmistakably crossed the line. Moreover, it is specifically Vought’s 
belief in life after death that Sanders has condemned. There is no 
mistaking that this was a test of religion, and in Sanders’ eyes, Vought 
has failed the test. In his efforts to attack every decision Trump 
makes, Sanders has made himself unfit for office, and rather than a 
religious condemnation, the Constitution itself is the accuser.

*The Hypocrisy*

Even if the Constitution weren’t completely cut and dried on the issue, 
this is still extreme hypocrisy. Vought’s belief is completely 
commonplace. One of the core tenets of Christianity is that faith in 
Christ is the only way to heaven. This exclusivity is not unique to 
Christianity. All major religions claim to be the only way to paradise 
in the afterlife, and well over half of the world’s population 
subscribes to such beliefs in one form or another. One of the key 
differences is that Vought views that conflicting doctrines only bring 
condemnation in the afterlife. Compared to Islam, this is tame.

While it is a religion that also portrays judgment after death, Islam is 
the largest religion that directly promotes violence against dissenters. 
According to the Quran, most people have to wait until the end of days 
to be judged, but any soldier who dies killing infidels is guaranteed 
immediate access into heaven. This is the religious motivation spurning 
several million terrorists across the globe. And yet, according to 
Sanders any condemnation of this belief structure is “Islamophobic” and 

*More Propaganda*

This is really just the next step in the left’s push to destroy 
Christianity. For years they have conflated common religious beliefs 
with racism and bigotry. Now, they have finally made a public 
declaration that any belief in God is immoral and unacceptable. Even 
while condemning they contradict themselves and fanatically support the 
most violent religion on Earth. This, of course, all boils down to 
votes. The Democrats have distanced themselves so far from a reasonable 
moral base that they have effectively alienated Christian voters. In 
order to sustain those losses, they need to radically pursue minority 
religions, and they are happy to live in the contradictory practice of 
condemning Christianity while upholding all other faiths.

    Sanders's Slanders Don't Impact Vought Vote

*June 22, 2017 Tony Perkins Washington Update***


No thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), President Trump's pick for 
the Office of Management and Budget is one step closer to his new job. 
After a faith-based grilling that left Sanders red-faced and Americans 
in shock, Russell Vought's nomination squeaked out of the Senate's 
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee by the narrowest of 
margins, 8-7. The hearings caught the country's attention when Sanders 
made the case that Christians like Vought are unfit for public office -- 
even in jobs that have nothing to do with faith!

While Sanders fired shot after shot at OMB's soon-to-be 
second-in-command, Vought was the picture of poise, explaining that he 
thinks everyone has inherent dignity, even if they don't agree with him 
that Jesus is the only way to salvation. It was a surreal scene for 
anyone watching, especially since Vought's convictions -- not his 
qualifications -- were Sanders' main concerns.

Like many in the media who were taken aback, National Review's Ian 
explains how the Left's religion of non-religion is unfairly influencing 
politics. "There is a long and stupid tradition of believing that the 
American Right threatens to impose an Evangelical Christian theocracy on 
the United States -- that every Republican lawmaker is looking to erect 
an official church and make women cover their ankles. In reality, it is 
the proudly irreligious Left that has smuggled religious debates back 
into our politics. It is the unabashedly secular Left that has knocked 
down the 'wall of separation' and made the afterlife an imminent 
political issue."

Fortunately, plenty of others piled on, including the Conservative 
Action Project (which released this letter 
demanding that liberals stop their religious intolerance) and Senator 
James Lankford (R-Okla.). Yesterday, the Oklahoma leader fired back at 
Sanders's religious test.

"There was some dispute in a different hearing about Russell Vought and 
his faith and this came up in a budget meeting about is he too much of a 
Christian to be able to serve. I just want to make a public statement 
that that's appalling to me that that became part of the debate at the 
dais that someone made a statement that because he was strong in his 
Christian faith he was not qualified to serve. Article XI of the 
Constitution says there no religious test for any officer of the United 
States and that shouldn't even have been a discussion in that committee 
hearing. I'm glad that wasn't a discussion or a consideration here, but 
it is one of the things that we should not evaluate people. He's in an 
economics position. It doesn't matter if he's Muslim, Christian, Jewish, 
Buddhist, or no faith at all. We're faith neutral. And so I'm grateful 
that was not an issue for any of us and I would hope that's not a 
growing trend for us as a body."

/Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior 

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