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Interesting, John.  When I mentioned that so many parents couldn’t do simple algebra, your answer was that you checked with your engineers and they said why should they, we have calculators?

Personally, I think that Algebra I, Geometry I, and Trigonometry I or Trig/pre-calc should be mandatory for graduation from high school.  (Personally, I would like to substitute Algebra II in place of Geometry, but that’s just me.)  But in order to be successful in those classes, students need the foundations from Primary and Middle schools.  But none of this is simple.  We don’t want the Federal Government involved, we want it at state level.  The problem with state level is that we quickly reach the point where a high school diploma from one state isn’t comparable to one from another.  I am not sure that is good either.  I particularly like the Abitur path in Western Europe.  But there the students and parents are interested in education.  In the U.S., education is the number one commodity for which people strive to get the least for their money.  Before anything will work, we need to fix that.  And I don’t know how to change attitudes.  Our kids simply don’t give a shit.

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No, Algebra Isn't a 'Civil Rights Issue,' and Kids Aren't That Stupid<http://em.mrc.org/v0850LUb0KYSRinfB00L000>


In the latest move to dumb down society to the point where our brains no longer function at all, one community college chancellor is now suggesting high schools and colleges nix algebra classes because they’re too hard.

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