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/*Actually, Stephen, I went to engineers when I worked for GE and had 
calculus. Not a single one of them could explain it to me. Most didn't 
even try. The company comptroller said to me, "we don't use that crap 
anymore for forecasting." */

On 7/22/2017 8:48 AM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> Interesting, John.  When I mentioned that so many parents couldn’t do 
> simple algebra, your answer was that you checked with your engineers 
> and they said why should they, we have calculators?
> Personally, I think that Algebra I, Geometry I, and Trigonometry I or 
> Trig/pre-calc should be mandatory for graduation from high school.  
> (Personally, I would like to substitute Algebra II in place of 
> Geometry, but that’s just me.)  But in order to be successful in those 
> classes, students need the foundations from Primary and Middle 
> schools.  But none of this is simple.  We don’t want the Federal 
> Government involved, we want it at state level.  The problem with 
> state level is that we quickly reach the point where a high school 
> diploma from one state isn’t comparable to one from another.  I am not 
> sure that is good either.  I particularly like the Abitur path in 
> Western Europe.  But there the students and parents are interested in 
> education.  In the U.S., education is the number one commodity for 
> which people strive to get the least for their money.  Before anything 
> will work, we need to fix that.  And I don’t know how to change 
> attitudes.  Our kids simply don’t give a shit.
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>   No, Algebra Isn't a 'Civil Rights Issue,' and Kids Aren't That
>   Stupid <http://em.mrc.org/v0850LUb0KYSRinfB00L000>
> <http://em.mrc.org/v0850LUb0KYSRinfB00L000>
> In the latest move to dumb down society to the point where our brains 
> no longer function at all, one community college chancellor is now 
> suggesting high schools and colleges nix algebra classes because 
> they’re too hard.
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