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Well, I love arithmetic, algebra, linear algebra, discreet math, calculus.  HATE geometry.  But now, in order to dig further into relativity and Quantum, I need to move into Algebraic geometry and multi dimension (now non-dimensional) Geometry.  Even Einstein couldn’t do it, so I am NOT holding out much hope for me.  ☺

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I have no problem with calculators. They allow students to spend more time on concepts than arithmetic. I never learned as much as they do today about functions and their behavior because without a graphing calculator it was impractical to do that much arithmetic with a slide rule. Note that I consider arithmetic and math as distinctly different and I hate arithmetic. It is an evil means to an end.

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Interesting, John.  When I mentioned that so many parents couldn’t do simple algebra, your answer was that you checked with your engineers and they said why should they, we have calculators?

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