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On 11/17/2017 12:21 PM, C JUNO wrote:
>   *The SIG P229 Legion Compact: Updated Features on a Legendary Pistol
>   Aimed at Concealment*
> By Scott W. Wagner // 11/10/2017
> SIG Sauer has introduced more variants of its existing handgun line 
> than perhaps any other handgun manufacturer. The array is amazing. And 
> while the basic models of each type are always available, new versions 
> of those models are introduced regularly.
> One such variation of an existing model is the SIG P229 Legion. This 
> variation of the P229 is, like the original version, a pistol that 
> serves just as well in a military or law enforcement duty holster as 
> it does in a concealment holster due to its well-proportioned size — 
> it’s about as balanced a design as they come. SIG felt that there were 
> some improvements that could be made to make this particular P229 more 
> favored by the concealed carry crowd. But how well, or necessary, are 
> all the improvements? Let me list the improvements first, and discuss 
> the only one that I found problematic.
> My test P229 Legion Compact was shipped in .357 SIG caliber per my 
> request. The .357 SIG ranks right up there with the .38 Super and 10mm 
> Automatic as one of the finest AND most underappreciated 
> semi-automatic handgun cartridges currently available.
> Introduced in 1994 by — you guessed it — SIG, the .357 SIG was a 
> replacement for the .38 Super chambering in SIG pistols. The .357 is 
> nothing more than a 10mm case necked down to a .357-caliber slug. The 
> intent was to reproduce .357 Magnum revolver ballistics in a 
> semi-automatic pistol of practical dimensions. Any handgun that can 
> chamber the .40 Smith & Wesson can be chambered for .357 SIG, usually 
> with just a barrel change. The result? The .357 SIG with 125-grain 
> bullets is second only to the 10mm Auto in terms of kinetic energy 
> that can be produced in a conventional defensive handgun. If you 
> eliminate 1911-sized pistols from the equation, the .357 SIG is the 
> most powerful round that can be chambered in a 9mm- or .40-Smith & 
> Wesson-sized handgun, producing anywhere from 506 to 604 FPE, 
> depending on load.
> The P229 Legion starts out as the basic P229 with stainless-steel 
> slide and alloy frame with rail and traditional DA/SA de-cock-only 
> action. To this foundation, SIG adds the following enhancements to 
> elevate it to Legion status:
> The slide and frame are finished in the proprietary Legion gray PVD 
> coating for the ultimate in rust resistance, which also gives the 
> Legion series its distinct appearance. Also setting it off in 
> appearance are the Custom G10 grips with the Legion chevron emblem 
> that also enhances gripping ability for wet hands. There is also a 
> reduced and contoured beavertail that allows for a higher grip and 
> reduced overall profile. Also added are front cocking serrations, more 
> aggressive front strap checkering and additional checkering under the 
> trigger guard. An enhanced polished action with Short Reset Trigger 
> has been enhanced with a Grayguns Inc. designed P-SAIT, which results 
> in a 10-pound double-action trigger pull and a 4.4-pound single-action 
> trigger pull. Three 12-round magazines are included in the Legion 
> package. Finally, a set of the excellent Electro-Optics X-Ray 
> Day/Night Sights have been added up top, which is a really good choice 
> for this gun. All the aforementioned additions and modifications are 
> great so far. But there is a “but.”
> To further reduce the “risk of snagging,” the standard and totally 
> functional SIG slide release has been replaced with something called a 
> “low-profile slide catch lever.” First, let me say, in 37 years of 
> packing concealed handguns of all shapes, sizes and types, I have 
> NEVER had a concern that I might snag the slide release lever — even 
> the prominent and darn near perfect one found on the Beretta 92 series 
> — on clothing or during a draw. It is truly a non-issue in my book, so 
> there was no reason to make a change. Remember the ageless adage, “If 
> it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
> To put it plainly, the new low-profile slide catch lever is now so low 
> profile that there is little leverage available to drop the slide with 
> it My hands aren’t weak, but it required both thumbs pressing down on 
> the lever to drop the slide on either a loaded magazine or to drop it 
> with no magazine in place. If you are a shooter who returns the slide 
> to battery by using your free hand to release the slide, it won’t be 
> an issue. But if you are like me who makes regular use of the slide 
> release to speed reloads, it will be an issue. Please SIG, put your 
> old slide release lever back on the P229 Legion. Really, it won’t snag 
> on anything.
> I took the P229 Legion out to a private shooting area to test it with 
> what else, SIG Sauer’s .357 SIG practice and defense loads — 
> specifically, their Elite Performance Ball Ammo and their Elite 
> Performance V-Crown load.
> Both loads use 125-grain bullets and, surprisingly, both are loaded to 
> exactly the same velocity and energy levels: 1356 feet per second 
> velocity and 510 FPE at the muzzle. Other brands often load their 
> practice ammo to less than full power levels; I like the fact that SIG 
> doesn’t.
> It has been quite a while since I have fired a handgun chambered in 
> .357 SIG. Actually, I haven’t shot one since I was with the Union 
> County Sheriff’s Office, where the .357 SIG was our duty load. I had 
> forgotten the amount of power the .357 SIG has.
> The SIG P229 Legion is a great platform for the .357 and is 
> substantial enough to handle it. Shooting was by no means 
> uncomfortable; recoil was controllable. But when you touch off a round 
> of .357, you WILL notice the explosive power it delivers on the 
> receiving end. And due to the fact that it launches a lighter bullet 
> than does the .40 Smith & Wesson (125 grains vs. 180, 165 or 155 
> grains), that recoil is less than one encounters in the same handgun 
> launching full-power .40-caliber rounds.
> Accuracy was on par with any other SIG product, which means it is 
> excellent! The Electro-Optics’ green-outlined front sight was easy to 
> pick up under the daylight conditions I was shooting in: very distinct 
> and a good match for my progressive bifocals. Of course, functioning 
> was flawless with both loads.
> Testing from 30 feet easily produced groups in the 2-inch range with 
> both the FMJ and V-Crown loads. I ran the V-Crown load across my 
> chronograph, expecting slightly lower velocity from the Legion’s 
> 3.9-inch barrel. However, as I have come to find from extensive 
> testing of SIG ammo, the average velocity, even from this shorter 
> barrel, was higher than the published figures: 1364 feet per second, 
> which yielded 516 FPE. That is excellent ballistic performance indeed.
> I tested the .357 in ballistic clay and, well, WOW! I am not going to 
> reveal the results in this piece because I am going to do a 
> side-by-side ballistic comparison of the .357 SIG, .38 Super and .357 
> Magnum — the major medium bores — in an upcoming article. You will 
> have to wait for the results then.
> I like the Compact Legion .357 SIG P229. Its raw power and 
> controllability combined with reasonable concealability and 
> built-like-a tank toughness are without peer. The Legion enhancements 
> aren’t cheap, however MSRP of all the Compact Legions are $1413 vs. 
> $1087 for the standard P229 Nitron Compact. Still less than a custom 
> pistol. Check both P229s out at your local gun emporium, and see which 
> one works best for you. When you decide, pick up some SIG ammo to go 
> with it.
> *More info at: *www.sigsauer.com <http://www.sigsauer.com>
> https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/sig-p229-legion-compact-updated-features-legendary-pistol-aimed-concealment/
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