[Rushtalk] Body language experts decode Prince Harry's cryptic hand gesture with Melania Trump

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Sun Oct 8 21:02:36 MDT 2017

Trump family tormenting liberals a world away.

Body language experts decode Prince Harry's cryptic hand gesture with
Melania Trump

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Prince Harry's meeting with Melania Trump went viral over the weekend
after people noticed his bizarre hand gesture in nearly all the
photographs he took with the first lady.

A number of theories emerged on the internet, with many noting that it
looked like Harry was giving a symbol of the devil.

However, body language expert Patti Wood revealed to Huffington Post
that people are totally misunderstanding Harry's gesture.

"This is called the horn or the devil's horn, and what people are saying
in the media about it is not correct," she said. "It is not a sign that
he's the devil, but rather a warning off of evil spirits. It's a
protective gesture against evil or darkness and illness."

She added that putting one's hand one's stomach is an act of
self-comfort. In fact, Wood has noticed several leaders exhibiting that
same gesture in photo ops with President Trump. 

"I've seen world leaders in photo shoots with Trump and I see a lot of
what are called self-comfort cues. This would be considered one of
those. It looks like the devil's horn but it is also hand to belly," she
said. "At the very least it would be a comfort cue, and show a lot of
tension and a need to protect his central core."

Another body language expert, Joe Navarro, also decoded Harry's
photographs, concluding that there could be a number of factors for
Harry's bizarre hand placement. And no, none of them have anything to do
with the devil.

"Had the photographers loitered too long? Is there something else going
on?" he asked, adding, "I have to wonder, was he going to unbutton his
jacket and then changed his mind? Was he in prep for sitting and then
they asked him to stand again to do more photos? To me, you can't draw
too many inferences from the photo. I wouldn't personally read too much
into that."

The two experts concluded that both Harry and Melania exhibited signs of
stress and tension. 

"There was some psychological discomfort," Navarro said. "The look of
his face, the look of his hand is very unusual, except for the fact that
he and his brother have a tendency to cover their belly which is a
self-soothing behavior to deal with a bit of tension."

Wood added: "If you look at their smiles, hers has enormous amount of
tension. Her look is slitted eyes, closed eyes, which we do in tension.
We also close our eyes when we want to attack."

Harry and Melania met at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto for about 30
minutes, with most of the discussion centered around the Invictus Games.
The first lady even invited Prince Harry to the White House! 

For Melania's first solo international trip, she donned a
houndstooth-patterned Dior suit, while Harry looked dapper in a navy
suit. For more on her Invictus Games appearance, watch the video above. 


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