[Rushtalk] Accused Jihadi teen's 'sick gun boasts' caught on camera

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      Accused Jihadi teen’s ‘sick gun boasts’ caught on camera

    IAN PATERSON, The Daily Telegraph

    October 9, 2017 12:00am

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      * *Terror pair refuse to stand for judge
      * *Sulayman Khalid refuses to stand as weapons revealed in court

    IN this chilling picture a teenage wannabe jihadi shows his older
    recruiters his impatience to spill blood.

    Using weapons he took from his uncle’s gun safe, the 14-year-old,
    who cannot be named for legal reasons, struck several poses,
    including this horrifyingly confident sniper position.

    In the images, the young fanatic handles the weapons with ease, with
    one picture demonstrating the boy’s loyalty to the murderous Islamic
    State, with an index finger pointing skyward in an imitation of the
    terrorists’ salute.


    The teen, who the Daily Telegraph cannot name, allegedly posed with
    a rifle.

    The pictures were shown at the NSW Supreme Court in Parramatta
    during the teenager’s sentencing submission hearing alongside his
    fellow terror conspirators Sulayman Khalid, 22 and Mohamed Almaouie, 21.

    The court heard he “envisaged himself as a religious hero able to
    achieve martyrdom” and was “recruited” by older men, quickly
    becoming a key figure in a plan to kill police officers.

    He sent the images via mobile phone to his co-conspirators. The
    youngster even pushed Khalid to start gun training with him or he
    would abandon their plans.


    The chilling photos have been shown in the Supreme

    The boy, 14, took the rifle from an uncle’s gun safe. The older man
    is not implicated in the case.

    In a sign of his eagerness to carry out an attack, the teenager sent
    Khalid a text message that read: “I’ll be with the virgins of
    Paradise, with the permission of Allah, the Most High ASAP.”

    The boy’s uncle held a legal firearm permit and there is no
    suggestion the guns in the pictures were obtained or stored illegally.

    A statement of facts tendered to the court reveals Khalid and the
    teen exchange hundreds of phone calls and texts, frequently talking
    about becoming martyrs and the joy it would bring them.

    The court has previously heard that the teenager, Khalid and four
    other conspirators — Jibryl Almaouie, his brother Mohamed, Farhad
    Said and Ibrahim Ghazzawy — wanted “to ­advance violent jihad” and
    were amassing an ­arsenal late in 2014 as they planned to attack the
    AFP’s Sydney headquarters and other targets.

    All have pleaded guilty to taking part in a conspiracy to plan
    terror attacks, but the teenager’s lawyer told the court yesterday
    his client “was plainly recruited­”.

    “His adherence to violent jihad was a creature of his youth,
    immaturity and other influences on him,” his lawyer said.

    The teen, Khalid and Jibryl Almaouie are due to be sentenced on


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