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John Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
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/*This coupled with the threat of arrest and jail for using a wrong 
salutation with some perpetual malcontent (come on, admit it - you've 
never seen a happy liberal, have you? They just don't 
exist!).............I can't imagine being stuck in that caustic 
environment for more than a couple of seconds without throwing an epic 
temper tantrum! */

On 10/21/2017 7:25 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> Thanks, but we won’t be leaving.  Believe me, I know how horrible 
> things are getting here, but our retirement medical is just too damned 
> good to give up.  If that changes, we’ll hit the road right away.  
> Other problem, though, is that we love the weather.  I lived in 
> northern winters for 25 years. Harbored thoughts for many of these 
> more recent years of moving back there.  But two weeks in -20 helped 
> me make up my mind.  Well, that and mosquitoes.  Governor Moonbeam is 
> trying to do as much damage as he can before his term is up.  We 
> thought he was gay during his first tenure, recent actions kind of 
> cement that assessment.  We’re hoping for a pendulum swing, or at 
> least a slow-down.  Well, one can hope.  Besides that, we are just too 
> damned tired to move. We bought this house seven years ago so that we 
> would have room to host foreign exchange students.  Can’t host high 
> school girls anymore, no room in the high school.  But now we have 
> scholarship-winning college young people, and they are far less work.  
> So we don’t want to give up this opportunity, either.  And we usually 
> have three or four previous students come and visit for extended 
> time.  (Two of them here right now.)  My wife’s family is here.  I 
> don’t have siblings or parents left (and I am the oldest sibling!)  We 
> have two kids in Arizona, and two here, so what’s the point?
> As sad and as morbid as it sounds, I am sort of grateful that I am at 
> the point in my life where I am.  I probably won’t live long enough to 
> see how really bad this is all going to get.  I do feel bad for my 
> kids, and especially my grandkids.
> I know it was a short and genuine sentiment, but no thanks.  We’ll 
> ride it out. J
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> */Carl and Stephen, you guys may wanna think about moving elsewhere:/*
> *California city asserts right to search homes without warrant *
> There's trouble in paradise.
> This coastal California city has some of the most expensive housing 
> prices in the country.
> And no wonder -- perfect climate, beautiful views, cultural and 
> natural amenities, the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendement privacy 
> protections ...
> Wait! Scratch that part about the Constitution.
> This is California, after all.
> Read the latest now on WND.com. 
> <http://wec.wnd.com/t/884446/3003990/541914/5/>
> <http://wec.wnd.com/t/884446/3003990/90394/6/?c73c8e04=d25kX21hc3Rlcg%3d%3d&3e076d18=Ymx1ZW92YWw1N0B2ZXJpem9uLm5ldA%3d%3d&e5e2987d=ODg0NDQ2&x=3b4fc6e8>
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