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Published: Aug 27, 2017
Author: Taki Theodoracopulos

When the Germans smuggled arguably the world’s most evil man into Russia
100 years ago, they did not imagine the harm they were springing on the
human race. Once Lenin had prevailed, he decided to forge a new
consciousness, a New Man, as the Bolshies called it, one that would
overcome “the antinomies of subjective and objective, body and spirit,
family and party.” Leave it to a horror like Lenin to design a new human
being (although a certain Austrian tried to emulate him less than twenty
years later). Yakov Sverdlov was such a man, having ordered the murder
of the Tsar and all his family, plus having the family’s dogs hanged.

We hear a lot about Nazis nowadays, but very little about horrors like
Lenin and Sverdlov and their enablers. But if anyone copied Lenin’s
methods of winning big through terror and murder, it was Hitler and
Goebbels. And let’s forget about the fierce persecution of the
aristocracy by the Bolsheviks, the destruction of an entire class, the
chilling tales of looted palaces and the murder of millions, and stick
to the creation of New Man. “There is no free speech in American
universities today, and the media and academia are complicit.”

What was required was transparency between the individual and the
collective. The bourgeois family had to be erased from one’s
consciousness, as were family attachments and things like domesticity,
wives, children, lovers, and whatever else pre-Lenin humans used to
indulge in. Lefty intellectuals concurred, many of them British like the
Webbs and Bertrand Russell, a stain whom present academics defend to
this day—more vigorously than ever, come to think of it. When Robert
Conquest first published his litany of the great terror and its close to
100 million dead, he was ignored by that very same academy, and instead
of being awarded a dukedom for his work, he was more or less ostracized
by lefty professors and the so-called elite. Ditto Aleksandr
Solzhenitsyn, who was booed during lectures at American universities for
pointing out the vacuity of the consumer society.

That nice guy who succeeded Lenin once the latter croaked requisitioned
grain from peasants, who starved in order to fund industry in the
cities. Thirty million died from that alone. Still, true Bolsheviks
remained loyal to the cause, fathers giving up daughters to the dreaded
secret police, sons betraying mothers, and so on. Social engineering
began with Bolshevism, and I must admit that it worked, at least where
intellectuals are concerned. The Soviet project has successfully
polluted the academy the world over, and continues to this day. Which
brings me to what took place a couple of weeks ago at my old alma mater,
the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

The brawl was between extremists on both sides, the difference being
that among 350 million Americans, I’d say there are probably one, two,
perhaps three thousand so-called neo-Nazis, and about the same number of
white supremacists. In fact not even that, because the two groups
overlap. But let’s not go on the other side, the “antifa” who oppose
them. Every student I’ve ever met in America is antifa in spirit, to put
it in plain English. They do not allow conservative speakers to address
conservative groups on their campuses, interrupt any meeting that does
not adhere to political correctness, and have gone so far as to demand
that white students leave the campus for three days in order to cleanse
it from past white crimes and thoughts. I am talking about Ivy League
universities, including Berkeley, where the free-speech concept began in
1964. In other words, there is no free speech in American universities
today, and the media and academia are complicit. What gets me is the
amorality of the media and of academia, the deception, dishonesty, and
race baiting against whites that passes as liberalism.

Encouraged by the media, the extreme left now decides who speaks on
campuses and, of course, who appears on television. Fox News has become
the equivalent of the “enemy of the people” during Bolshie time. In my
very own creation, The American Conservative, one Rod Dreher attacks Pat
Buchanan for writing the following: “Looking back over the history of
Western Civilization, were not the explorers who came out of Spain,
Portugal, France, Holland and England all white supremacists?” For God’s
sake, as late as 1955, Winston Churchill was urging to “keep England
white.” Belief in one’s superiority, I believe, is no crime. Many proud
blacks in America laugh at whitey’s weakness in sport and in the
bedroom. Many Jews are amazed at white people’s lack of ambition and
laziness. And many whites like myself are proud of our heritage—which
makes us feel superior as Europeans—and of what dead white Europeans
gave to this world.

Like the Bolshie New Man that saw family members betray each other for
the party’s good, today’s globalist elite label as neo-Nazis and racist
anyone who tends not to go the whole hog for political correctness. As I
said, if there are more than 3,000 neo-Nazis and white supremacists
among 350 million Americans I’ll eat my hat, as they used to say in
Yankee parlance, and I feel like eating it as much as I welcome
birthdays nowadays. Sixty-two percent of Americans do not wish for
Confederate statues to come down. Sixty-two percent! Forget it, says the
NY Times and other such “New Man” house organs. As few as forty
neo-Nazis arrived in Boston with permission to march, but thousands of
antifa counterprotesters armed with pepper spray and acid swept them out
of the way. Yet the headlines were of neo-Nazis marching where the
American Revolution began. New Man lives.

http://takimag.com/article/new_man_lives_taki/print#axzz4qyF hrLmc


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