[Rushtalk] 70 candles: Hillary gets flamed on her birthday

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at juno.com
Sun Oct 29 20:35:12 MDT 2017

> John Quayle <blueoval57 at verizon.net> wrote:
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> >*70 candles: Hillary gets flamed on her birthday *
> >
> >While the left is still threatening violence in the streets and making 
> >veiled calls for the assassination of President Trump, conservatives 
> >across America are joyfully celebrating Hillary Clinton's 70th birthday 
> >and showering her with birthday wishes.
> >
> >Well, not exactly the kind of wishes Hillary would like to receive.>
> >And not exactly joyfully celebrating Hillary -- more like roasting her.

She should be roasted the problem is where can you find the cannibals to
take on the task.
Perhaps we could find a Sasquatch to do the job if we toss in a case or
barbecue sauce.


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