[Rushtalk] The Heartbreak Of Dysforia

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/*I like it! How about "mehgender" for those not really concerned about 

On 9/4/2017 7:34 PM, Steven Laib wrote:
> BTW, I just came up with another one that the Lepanto Institute missed -
> ** Amnesiagender:* Not being able to remember what gender you are.
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> /*This comes from "The Lepanto Institute". If this isn't the silliest, 
> goofiest thing you've ever read in your life, I would never wAnt to 
> trade places with you. Whomever came up with all of these terms 
> must've been on some weird acid trip:*/
> Say what?!?
> If there's a question for a priest about sexuality, the ONLY answer is 
> that God made woman as a compliment to man! Genesis is very clear that 
> God made us male and female, and that the only natural, sexual 
> disposition of either is for the other.  Anything else is either 
> sinful lust or a grave psychological disorder. The only ones 
> proffering a Baskin Robins variety of sexual identities and 
> preferences are those advocating absolute sexual freedom without 
> consequence.
> At the moment, Facebook advertises 71 different self-described 
> genders. The list of approved gender dysphorias is dare we say... 
> legion?  So, when Fr. Martin "prefers not to make public his own 
> sexuality. we're left with the question -- with which of these genders 
> does Fr. Martin identify?
> * *Abimegender*: a gender that is profound, deep, and infinite; meant 
> to resemble when one mirror is reflecting into another mirror creating 
> an infinite paradox.
> * *Adamasgender*: a gender which refuses to be categorized.
> ** Aerogender:* a gender that is influenced by your surroundings.
> **Aesthetigender:* a gender that is derived from an aesthetic; also 
> known as videgender.
> * *Affectugender*: a gender that is affected by mood swings.
> * *Agender:* the feeling of no gender/absence of gender or neutral gender.
> * *Agenderflux:* Being agender and having fluctuating feelings of 
> masculinity of femininity, but NOT male or female.
> * *Alexigender:* a gender that is fluid between more than one gender 
> but the individual cannot tell what those genders are.
> * *Aliusgender:* a gender which is removed from common gender 
> descriptors and guidelines
> * *Amaregender*: a gender that changes depending on who you're in love 
> with
> * *Ambigender:* defined as having the feeling of two genders 
> simultaneously without fluctuation; meant to reflect the concept of 
> being ambidextrous, only with gender.
> * *Ambonec:* identifying as both man and woman, yet neither at the 
> same time.
> **Amicagender: *a gender that changes depending on which friend you're 
> with.
> * *Androgyne:* sometimes used in the case of "Candrogynous 
> presentation"; describes the feeling of being a mix of both masculine 
> and feminine (and sometimes neutral) gender qualities.
> ** Anesigender:* feeling like a certain gender yet being more 
> comfortable identifying with another
> * *Angenital:* a desire to be without primary sexual characteristics, 
> without necessarily being genderless; one may be both angenital and 
> identify as any other gender alongside.
> * *Anogender: *a gender that fades in and out but always comes back to 
> the same feeling.
> ** Anongender:* a gender that is unknown to both yourself and others
> ** Antegender:* a protean gender which has the potential to be 
> anything, but is formless and motionless, and therefore, does not 
> manifest as any  particular gender.
> ** Anxiegender:* a gender that is affected by anxiety.
> ** Apagender:* a feeling of apathy towards ones gender which leads to 
> them not looking any further into it
> ** Apconsugender:* a gender where you know what it isn't, but not what 
> it is; the gender is hiding itself from you.
> ** Astergender:* a gender that feels bright and celestial.
> ** Astralgender:* a gender that feels connected to space.
> ** (POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING) Autigender:* a gender that can only be 
> understood in the context of being autistic. Meant for autistic people 
> only.
> ** Autogender:* a gender experience that is deeply personal to oneself.
> ** Axigender:* when a person experiences two genders that sit on 
> opposite ends of an axis; one being agender and the other being any 
> other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no 
> overlapping and with very short transition time.
> ** Bigender:* the feeling of having two genders either at the same 
> time or separately; usually used to describe feeling "traditionally male"
>  and "traditionally female" but does not have to.
> ** Biogender:* a gender that feels connected to nature in some way.
> ** Blurgender: *the feeling of having more than one gender that are 
> somehow blurred together to the point of not being able to distinguish 
> or identify individual genders; synonymous with genderfuzz.
> ** Boyflux:* when one feels mostly or all male most of the time but 
> experience fluctuating intensity of male identity
> ** Burstgender*: and gender that comes in intense bursts of feeling 
> and quickly fades back to the original state.
> ** Caelgender: *a gender which shares qualities with outer space or 
> has the aesthetic of space, stars, nebulas, etc.
> ** Cassgender:* the feeling of gender is unimportant to you.
> ** Cassflux: *when the level of indifference towards your gender 
> fluctuates.
> ** Cavusgender:* for people with depression; when you feel one gender 
> when not depressed and another when depressed.
> ** Cendgender:* when your gender changes between one and its opposite
> ** Ceterofluid:* when you are ceterogender and your feelings fluctuate 
> betwen masculine, feminine, and neutral.
> ** Ceterogender:* a nonbinary gender with specific masculine, 
> feminine,  or neutral feelings.
> ** Cisgender:* the feeling of being the gender you were assigned at 
> birth all the time (assigned (fe)male/feeling (fe)male).
> ** Cloudgender:* a gender that cannot be fully realized or seen 
> clearly due to depersonalization/derealization disorder.
> ** Collgender: *the feeling of having too many genders simultaneously 
> to describe each one.
> ** Colorgender:* a gender associated with one or more colors and the 
> feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated with that color; 
> may be used like pinkgender, bluegender, yellowgender.
> **Commogender:* when you know you aren't cisgender, but you settled 
> with your assigned gender for the time being.
> ** Condigender: *a gender that is only felt during certain circumstances.
> ** Deliciagender:* from the Latin word delicia meaning "favorite" 
> meaning the feeling of having more than one simultaneous gender, yet 
> preferring one that fits better.
> ** Demifluid:* the feeling your gender being fluid throughout all the 
> demigenders; the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and 
> some fluid
> ** Demiflux:* the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and 
> some fluctuating.
> ** Demigender:* a gender that is partially one gender and partially 
> another.
> ** Domgender*: having more than one gender yet one being more dominant 
> than the others.
> ** Demi-vapor *(term coined by @cotton-blossom-jellyfish): 
> Continuously drifting to other genders, feeling spiritually 
> transcendental when doing so, while having a clear -slightly blurred- 
> inner visual of your genders, transitions, and positive emotions. Tied 
> to Demi-Smoke.
> ** Demi-smoke (term coined by @cotton-blossom-jellyfish): *A 
> transcendental, spiritual gender roughly drifting to other genders 
> that are unable to
>  be foreseen and understood, shrouded in darkness within your inner 
> visual. Elevating through mystery. Caused by a lack of inner 
> interpretation and dark emotional states. Tied to Demi-Vapor.
> ** Duragender:* from the Latin word dura meaning "long-lasting" 
> meaning a subcategory of multigender in which one gender is more 
> identifiable, long lasting, and prominent than the other genders.
> ** Egogender:* a gender that is so personal to your experience that it 
> can only be described as "you".
> ** Epicene: *sometimes used synonymously with the adjective 
> "androgynous"; the feeling either having or not displaying 
> characteristics of both or either binary gender; sometimes used to 
> describe feminine male identifying individuals.
> ** Espigender: *a gender that is related to being a spirit or exists 
> on a higher or extradimensional plane.
> ** Exgender:*  the outright refusal to accept or identify in, or 
> around the gender spectrum.
> ** Existigender:* a gender that only exists or feels present when 
> thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it.
> ** Femfluid:* having fluctuating or fluid gender feelings that are 
> limited to feminine genders.
> ** Femgender:* a nonbinary gender which is feminine in nature.
> ** Fluidflux:* the feeling of being fluid between two or more genders 
> that also fluctuate in intensity; a combination of genderfluid and 
> genderflux.
> ** Gemigender:* having two opposite genders that work together, being 
> fluid and flux together.
> ** Genderblank: *a gender that can only be described as a blank space; 
> when gender is called into question, all that comes to mind is a blank 
> space.
> ** Genderflow:* a gender that is fluid between infinite feelings.
> ** Genderfluid:* the feeling of fluidity within your gender identity; 
> feeling a different gender as time passes or as situations change; not 
> restricted to any number of genders.
> ** Genderflux:* the feeling of your gender fluctuating in intensity; 
> like gederfluid but between one gender and agender.
> ** Genderfuzz:* coined by lolzmelmel; the feeling of having more than 
> one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being 
> able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with 
> blurgender.
> ** Gender Neutral:* the feeling of having a neutral gender, whether 
> somewhere in between masculine and feminine or a third gender that is 
> separate from the binary; often paired with neutrois.
> ** Genderpunk: *a gender identity that actively resists gender norms.
> ** Genderqueer:* originally used as an umbrella term for nonbinary 
> individuals; may be used as an identity; describes a nonbinary gender 
> regardless of whether the individual is masculine or feminine leaning.
> ** Genderwitched:* a gender in which one is intrigued or entranced by 
> the idea of a particular gender, but is not certain that they are 
> actually feeling it.
> ** Girlflux: *when one feels mostly or all female most of the time but 
> experiences fluctuating intensities of female identity.
> ** Glassgender:* a gender that is very sensitive and fragile.
> ** Glimragender:* a faintly shining, wavering gender.
> ** Greygender:* having a gender that is mostly outside of the binary 
> but is weak and can barely be felt.
> ** Gyragender:* having multiple genders but understanding none of them.
> ** Healgender:* a gender that once realized, brings lots of peace, 
> clarity, security, and creativity to the individual's mind.
> ** Heliogender:* a gender that is warm and burning.
> ** Hemigender:* a gender that is half one gender and half something 
> else; one or both halves may be identifiable genders.
> ** Horogender:* a gender that changes over time with the core feeling 
> remaining the same.
> ** Hydrogender:* a gender which shares qualities with water.
> ** Imperigender:* a fluid gender that can be controlled by the individual.
> ** Intergender:* the feeling of gender falling somewhere on the 
> spectrum between masculine and feminine. Meant for intersex people only.
> ** Juxera:* a feminine gender similar to girl, but on a separate plane 
> and off to itself.
> ** Libragender:* a gender that feels agender but has a strong 
> connection to another gender.
> ** Magigender:* a gender that is mostly gender and the rest is 
> something else.
> ** Mascfluid:* A gender that is fluid in nature, and restricted only 
> to masculine genders.
> ** Mascgender:* a non-binary gender which is masculine in nature.
> ** Maverique:* taken from the word maverick; the feeling of having a 
> gender that is separate from masculinity, femininity, and neutrality, 
> but is not agender; a form of third gender.
> ** Mirrorgender:* a gender that changes to fit the people around you.
> ** Molligender:* a gender that is soft, subtle, and subdued.
> ** Multigender:* the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or 
> fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender.
> ** Nanogender:* feeling a small part of one gender with the rest being 
> something else.
> ** Neutrois:* the feeling of having a neutral gender; sometimes a lack 
> of gender that leads to feeling neutral.
> ** Nonbinary:* originally an umbrella term for any gender outside the 
> binary of cisgenders; may be used as an individual identity; 
> occasionally used alongside of genderqueer.
> ** Omnigender:* the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or 
> fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand polygender.
> ** Oneirogender:* coined by anonymous, "being agender" but having 
> recurring fantasies or daydreams of being a certain gender without the 
> dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day.
> ** Pangender:* the feeling of having every gender; this is considered 
> problematic by some communities and thus has been used as the concept 
> of relating in some way to all genders as opposed to containing every 
> gender identity; only applies to genders within one's own culture.
> ** Paragender:* the feeling very near one gender and partially 
> something else which keeps you from feeling fully that gender.
> ** Perigender: *identifying with a gender but not as a gender.
> ** Polygender:* the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or 
> fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender.
> ** Proxvir:* a masculine gender similar to boy, but on a separate 
> plane and off to itself.
> ** Quoigender: *feeling as if the concept of gender is inapplicable or 
> nonsensical to one's self.
> ** Subgender:* mostly agender with a bit of another gender.
> ** Surgender:* having a gender that is 100% one gender but with more 
> of another gender added on top of that.
> ** Systemgender:* a gender that is the sum of all the genders within a 
> multiple or median system.
> ** Tragender:* a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum of genders.
> ** Transgender:* any gender identity that transcends or does not align 
> with your assigned gender or society's idea of gender; the feeling of 
> being any gender that does not match your assigned gender.
> ** Trigender:* the feeling of having three simultaneous or fluctuating 
> genders.
> ** Vapogender:* a gender that sort of feels like smoke; can be seen on 
> a shallow level but once you go deeper, it disappears and you are left 
> with no gender and only tiny wisps of what you thought it was.
> ** Venngender:* when two genders overlap creating an entirely new 
> gender; like a venn diagram.
> ** Verangender:* a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it is 
> identified.
> ** Vibragender:* a gender that is usually one stable gender but will 
> occasionally changes or fluctuate before stabilizing again.
> ** Vocigender:* a gender that is weak or hollow
> /*I submit that if you're still reading all of these, this list is 
> proof that liberals are certifiably crazy!*/
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