[Rushtalk] More Insanity

John Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Wed Sep 6 13:55:32 MDT 2017


        Scottish Student Mocks ISIS, Gets Investigated For a 'Hate
        Crime' <http://em.mrc.org/JB0YRL07hS0LoX50Ki00080>

"I won't give elements of Islam or Muslims who hold regressive beliefs a 
free pass," Travers said.

Read More » <http://em.mrc.org/JB0YRL07hS0LoX50Ki00080>


        Big Bang Theory Producer Suggests Honor Killings Might Actually
        Kinda Be OK. <http://em.mrc.org/JB0YRL08hS0LpX50Ki00080>

Maybe. Well, he's not sure.

Read More » <http://em.mrc.org/JB0YRL08hS0LpX50Ki00080>

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