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Socialism or

Communism Is Not

by John Loeffler

Steel on Steel  

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An outstanding salesman is one who
can tell another to go to hell and
make him feel very happy that he is
on his way. Such a feat requires
intense creativity, deceptive
semantics, and the ability to lie
creatively and utter warm, loving
words to the victim while concealing
the intense hatred the perpetrator
feels for him. The victim must be
convinced he's going to a warm,
wonderful place and not understand
until too late what is really
happening to him.  

Satan is a master at this.  After
all, it's his job and he's been at
it for a long time.  It is amusing
nevertheless that generation after
generation continues to fall prey to
the same old tricks.  But then
again, fighting off old lies in new
packaging is a full-time job, which
requires effort, and few seem to
muster the courage to do it.

Contrary to popular belief,
communism is not dead!  Rather, it
is invading the West at an alarming
pace - either overtly or covertly.
China is a solidly communist
country. Cuba remains communist and
Venezuela is becoming such. The
majority of southern Africa - South
Africa included - is either
controlled by communists or moving
rapidly in that direction.  

The new communists may not proclaim
themselves to be such.  They use
other terms such as socialism, etc.,
but communist thought is alive and
well in the halls of academia.  The
communist collective process has
invaded our governments, schools,
state, provincial and county
governments, businesses and even
Bible-based churches.  Few pastors
and Christians in churches utilizing
the popular church growth programs
realize they are based on the
collective process designed by
atheist Vladimir Lenin to brainwash
the masses and impose Marxist
control on society.

Something should be wrong with this
picture, given communism's record of
death and disaster and its
persecution of Christians and Jews,
but because of the nature of how the
transition has occurred - repacking
old ideas in new wrapping - few have
noticed. In this article, we'll look
at how socialism, communism's wicked
stepsister, has replaced capitalism
as the dominant economic and
political paradigm in the West. 

The Circle of Socialism 

Most Westerners believe that fascism
is extreme-right and socialism is
far-left. Perhaps a more realistic
model would be a circle at the top
of which stands a free market
economy, private enterprise, and a
limited constitutional government
with a bill of rights for the
individual as a cornerstone of
freedom. At the bottom of the circle
rests a dictatorship, individual or
oligarchic, sham rights revocable at
any time by the state, and where the
rule of law means everything is
state controlled. The only practical
difference between fascism and
socialism is that in a communist
society government owns all property
and directs all enterprise, whereas
in a fascist society private
property ownership continues, but
entrepreneurs must submit to
government's ideologies and goals -
chief of which is the task of
funding government programs with the
proceeds of private enterprise.
Today's socialism is striving to
straddle both models.

Socialism and fascism only appear
different when they're sliding down
the outside of their respective
circles.  Once they arrive at the
bottom, both are functionally and
historically alike.  Both societies
believe in total government control
of the economy, education, and
morals, suppression of free speech
and other rights, imposition of a
politically correct ideology,
subordination of citizens' rights to
the goals of the state or
collective, and the use of law to
coerce and prosecute those who

Bottom line:  At the top of the
circle is a free state, where the
laws protect the people from
government.  At the bottom of the
circle is a socialist or fascist
state, where the laws protect
government from the people.

100% Successful Failure 

Much of public debate today is not
about whether we're going to have a
free society vs. state control, but
simply about which side of the
circle we're going to slide down
during the move away from freedom
towards a global, state-controlled
society.  Despite socialism's 100%
track record of failure, the entire
Western world seems determined to do
it again, sliding down the left side
of the circle, screaming epithets at
fascism as it disappears around the
curve, unaware that its current
course leads to a head-on encounter
with fascism going the other way at
the bottom. Thereafter, both
movements unite, causing their
citizens to live miserably ever
after. Few apprehend the inherent
evil and diminishing rights in the
emerging political structures or
understand why they are inimical to
the free society they are happily
leaving behind. Since we're heading
towards a global pantheistic
socialism, it might be advisable to
examine its three fundamentals:
elitism, expropriation, and

1)  Elitism 

Genuine socialists are, above all,
elitist. Socialists conceive
themselves to be bright shining
Quijotes,1  tilting with windmills,
saving humanity from itself, the
planet from humanity, the economy
from capitalism, and from everything
else except big government, which
socialists love. On the other hand,
they view the putrid pile of
pusillanimous pus we call society as
the unwashed ignorant who must be
saved from themselves. In this
capacity, the opinions of the
unwashed are to be ignored.

There is a difference between
hard-core socialist academics or
politicians (ideologues) and the
socialazzi (Lenin's "useful
idiots"), the average Joe and Jane,
who think government social programs
are great, but never investigate to
see if socialism delivers its
promises, which it never does. To
his credit, Joe Socialazzi is
bothered that the rich seem to be
getting richer and he seems to be
getting poorer but he just can't
figure it out.  After all, Joe
Socialazzi genuinely cares about
people, but he doesn't understand
that there's no such thing as a free
lunch.  The hard-core ideologues,
however, understand it's all about
power, money, and control.

La Visin Grande 

Socialist Quijotes  usually have
their gran visin del mundo, 2  and
ride in on the back of white
Rocinantes 3 - a glittering response
to appalling social conditions or
the environmental crisis du jour.
However, socialist solutions always
ignore basic rules of both human
nature and economics.  As such they
not only absolutely fail but also
create far worse problems than
existed before they started, which
is why socialism always collapses of
its own weight, but only after much
damage has been wrought on the
little guy.

Socialists do not like opinions in
variance with the grand vision.
Thus, high priority on the socialist
docket is to suppress free speech by
whatever method feasible.
Suppression of speech in the elitism
phase is important.  By the time
everyone arrives at the exemption
phase, everyone knows socialism is a
lie, but they can no longer say so.
Indeed, a hallmark of Soviet society
was that everyone had to give lip
service to a series of official
lies, which everyone knew were false
but couldn't say so.

2)  Expropriation 

Once the socialist is in a position
to implement the grand vision, he
immediately faces a critical
problem: funding. Grand designs
require grand amounts of money.
However, the ignorant unwashed
masses don't like to work for free
or have their hard-earned money
taken from them. So the socialist
creates warfare between classes of
people.  He demonizes the haves and
sanctifies the haves-not.  He
demonizes those who don't see the
wisdom in the grand vision.  Then he
tells the haves-not it is moral,
just, and good to seize what the
haves have by force and give it to
the haves-not.  He also says it is
wrong for the haves to even try to
earn what they have.  Soak the rich
and save the planet.  Viva el free

Here lies the core contradiction of
socialism:  socialists demonize
capitalism but always require the
wealth capitalism generates in order
to implement and perpetuate their
political schemes.  The double speak
must be maintained if socialists are
to remain in power!  The socialazzi
never learn that there is no such
thing as a free lunch until late in
the game, when it's too late.

As socialist programs are created in
rapid succession, a staggering
bureaucracy comes into existence to
support the administration of it,
which siphons off the lion's share
of what is supposed to be
transferred from the haves to the
haves-not.  Once entrenched, this
new bureaucracy has a vested
interest in 1) perpetuating the
problems it is supposed to be
fixing, in order to 2) sustain its
cash flow, in order to 3) keep
itself in existence, regardless of
who gets soaked.  Remember,
socialism is about power and

Socialism continues to exist as long
as two factors remain in play:

1) The underlying capitalism is
resilient enough to bear the load.
This involves being able to pay
increasing levels of confiscatory
taxation and deal with a crushing
regulatory burden or a horribly
corrupt political system.  Note that
these factors always eliminate the
little guy from the game!  Little
guys do not have the financial
resources to fight an increasingly
abusive system, resulting in one of
socialism's most important dicta:
Under socialism the middle class
always disappears!

2) The masses must continue
believing that there is a free lunch
and that only rich people are being

3)  Exemption 

While the game is ongoing,
socialists always exempt themselves
from the restrictive laws and
confiscations they impose on
everyone else.  In essence they
become exactly what they preach
against, but more importantly, once
the jig is up, a more pernicious
form of exemption sets in as
socialists make themselves immune
from responsibility for the havoc
they have caused: morally, legally
and above all, politically. Sooner
or later even the most mentally
challenged becomes dimly aware that
socialists look a lot like the rich
haves they perpetually promise to
soak. The socialazzi discover their
money has been devalued, their
assets seized, their freedoms
quashed, their economy wrecked,
they're broke and the system is out
of control.  

At this point, revolutions - bloody
or not - usually occur and exemption
kicks in.  When the economic horse
collapses from abuse and overwork,
socialists adamantly refuse to
dismount, even when confronted with
a very angry populace (vis a vis
Argentina). First they try to
convince the public that evil rich
capitalists are responsible for the
horse's ill health and that the
horse will recover if the people
just make more sacrifices of their
money and property.  Occasionally
the socialazzi are stupid enough to
believe this and the horse can be
kept alive for a little while
longer, but it never regains its
former health.  Invariably the games
socialists play to keep Rocinante
alive radically exacerbate an
already desperate situation to its
ultimate conclusion. In the end, the
poor horse simply dies, leading
socialists to the major challenge of
their dubious careers. It is now
impossible to convince the public
that the bad smell isn't rotting
horse carcass and that they're not
responsible.  Disaster is at hand
when lo and behold, socialism meets
its old enemy fascism going the
other way in an encounter called by
Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair,
the Third Way. Others refer to it as
capitalistic communism.

Since the socialists don't want to
give up money and power, they cut a
deal with the big-time capitalists.
The socialists make laws that are
favorable only to the big guys,
excluding the little guys from the
game.  At the same time the big
capitalists agree to fund the
socialists' dreams and agendas as
long as they get exclusive
preferential treatment.  

It's a marriage made in political
hell. When things go wrong, the
socialists can blame the capitalists
all the while they pound the
bejeebers out of capitalist
enterprise to pay for their
socialist dreams.  As such they are
never held accountable for the
horrible state of affairs that
inevitably results from socialism in
the first place! But now we must
ask: When this socialist round
collapses - which it will as all its
ancestors did - given that this is
the first time socialism will be
implemented on a global scale, there
will be no remaining source of
external free-market capitalism to
stop the endgame chaos, so what will
the global dictatorship look like?

              *  *  *

[John Loeffler is host of the
nationally syndicated weekly news
program, Steel on Steel, heard on
the Information Radio Network. The
program may be heard on the Internet
at www.steelonsteel.com.]

    This article was originally
         published in the 
  August 2002 Personal Update News


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