[Rushtalk] Does moral courage still exist

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Sun Sep 17 09:22:46 MDT 2017

                                MY KIND OF AN AMERICAN
                                Clark Hunt, Owner and CEO of the Kansas
                                              City Chiefs
                                Mr. Hunt called a meeting with all of
                                his coaches, players and field staff and
                                firmly told them, "You are all simply
                                paid performers on a stage and that
                                field is my stage! You will stand, with
                                your hand over your heart and with
                                respect, when our country's national
                                anthem is being played or you will no
                                longer be a Kansas City Chief, a coach
                                for the Kansas City Chiefs or have any
                                association with the Chiefs
                                organization! I will immediately fire
                                you, no matter who you are!
                                You can make your political statements
                                off the field, but when you're employed
                                by me and I'm signing your check, I
                                demand that you make our fans proud and
                                not embarrass them."


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