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  Racist NFL Player Just Started SICK New Trend With What He’s Doing
  After Tackling ANY White Player

This is absolutely vile.

By Prissy Holly <http://freedomdaily.com/author/prissy/>


As the 2018 football season is now officially underway, it’s been a 
rough couple of weeks for the NFL. Over the past week, fed up fans have 
proven they are sick and tired of witnessing these anti-American 
protests, and empty stadiums at several games over the weekend spelled 
for the NFL of things to come. As NFL officials are frantically trying 
to do damage control as their protesting athletes are turning fans away 
in droves, they now have a new nightmare on their hands after a brand 
new version of nasty anti-American protests just started, led by a 
Seahawks player who’s now doing an unthinkable act of racism towards 
white players on the field.

49’ers stadium during the second half kickoff where large sections were 
completely empty (left) Across the nation in Los Angles, similar 
fan-inspired protests were taking place, as there were more empty seats 
than filled ones during the Colts and Rams game on September 10 (right)

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was the first NFL player to 
protest this season, 
where he’s been vocally leading nasty anti-American protests ever since. 
  Shortly after signing a $30 million dollar contract with the Seahawks, 
Bennett still somehow felt “oppressed” as a black man living in America, 
and decided to sit on his ungrateful behind during the game against 
the Los Angeles Chargers back in August.

While it’s these players’ First Amendment right to be ungrateful and 
disrespect every American Soldier who has fought, bled, and died to 
preserve their freedoms, now Bennett is taking his antics to a startling 
new level.

Not satisfied with quietly sitting on the sideline while the National 
Anthem plays, Bennett is now raising the black power salute every time 
he sacks a white player on the field,*a disgusting racist symbol that 
black supremacists have used for decades to display their supremacy over 
the white race. *

During the second quarter of the game against the 49ers over the 
weekend, Bennett celebrated tacking white quarterback Brian Hoyer by 
flashing the black power fist into the air. This gesture was a head nod 
to black supremacists around the country, where the /All Black Media/ 
confirmed Bennett’s actions were a pro-Black Power gesture in the 
following tweet.

It’s one thing to kneel or to sit quietly by yourself on the bench while 
the National Anthem plays. It’s another thing entirely to disrupt the 
game with your protests, and then display your anti-white sentiments by 
flashing a black power salute. Could you imagine the backlash if a white 
player was flashing Nazi salutes on the field every time they sacked a 
black player? Not only would the white player be receiving death threats 
by every liberal in America, but they’d be permanently suspended and 
have their multi-million dollar contracts revoked!

The black power fist is an infamous symbol of racism that black hate 
groups have used for decades. The Black Panther Party uses this gesture 
frequently, whose leader Khalid Muhammad called on his followers back in 
2012 to kill all white babies, in a disgusting terroristic tirade that 
you can read in its entirety here. 

Players protesting their perceived “injustices” towards blacks is one 
thing, but Bennett’s defiant act of racism towards white players on the 
field is absolutely startling. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a 
complete nightmare on his hands, as he had the opportunity during the 
pre-season to condemn these protesters’ actions, but disgustingly, put 
the problem back on the fans, demanding that fans be “more understanding 
of the protests.” *Now these protests have metastasized from players 
simply protesting the National Anthem to all out defiant acts of racism 
towards white players on the field. *

Not only does Bennett apparently hate white people, he hates police 
officers too. Several weeks ago he tried to push the ridiculous nonsense 
that he was a victim of “racial profiling” by Las Vegas police, after 
his suspicious activity of hiding under a game at a casino while 
authorities were looking for a black shooter led police to arresting him 
for a short period of time.

“Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill remembered 
the incident a little differently, saying that officers were searching 
for a possible active shooter at the Cromwell casino when they located 
Bennett crouched down behind a gaming machine,” Conservative Tribune 
reported. <https://conservativetribune.com/sickening-new-protest-nfl/>

It looks like empty stadiums will now become more of an issue for the 
NFL as outraged fans are now sending the clear message that they have 
better things to do with their time other than being bombarded by these 
disgusting acts of disrespect and racism on the football field every 
time they turn on the television or go to a game.

Prissy Holly <http://freedomdaily.com/author/prissy/>
TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional 
shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and 
doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. 
If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically 
incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!
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