[Rushtalk] Beyond The Pale

Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Fri Sep 29 13:52:39 MDT 2017

Confederate protests + flag protests+ BLM anti cop protests + antfa protests = death by protest for the political left.   Folks have had enough.   Tom
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John Quayle <blueoval57 at verizon.net> wrote:

>  */**/**/*I don't know, maybe it's me.......**.**but it seems to me
>  that _IF_ you feel as if you don't fit in somewhere, you shouldn't go
>  around antagonizing those who can help you fit in. Am I wrong?!?*/*
>  Chicago School Board Member: 'That Flag Means Nothing More Than Toilet
>  Paper to Me' <http://em.mrc.org/Y0K8c0vLi00L5000YBR0XSj>
>"The freedoms you enjoy and the flag you profess to love so much do not 
>extend to me as a black woman," Ellis wrote. "They are not my birthright."
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