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This bureaucrat stepped in it big time when she disrespected our

Recent national anthem protests by NFL players have emboldened

Now government bureaucrats are resorting to every trick in the book to
force patriotic Americans to give up their pride – or else.

But what this city inspector just did to one Florida business crossed a

Jaguar Power Sports in Jacksonville, FL has a rooftop display complete
with two United States flags, flags representing each branch of the
military, as well as a Jacksonville Jaguars flag.

This week, city inspector Melinda Power waltzed into the store and
issued a written citation because she said the military flags flying on
the roof were in violation of city code.

To top it off, the city inspector got into a fight with a customer who
was a military veteran.

Jaguar Power Sports posted this video to its Facebook Page shortly after
the events transpired:

Surveillance footage showed Melinda Power wagging her finger at the
customer as she hurried out of the store.

Jacksonville is a heavily military town with the third largest military
presence in the country.

After facing immediate backlash from citizens, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny
Curry was forced to issue an apology on Twitter.

Melinda Power and her supervisor have since been placed on leave pending
a review of her actions.

The city code was changed so that Jaguar Power Sports can keep the
military flags flying.

      * PULSE POLL: Should the city inspector be fired for disrespecting
        the military?*


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