[Rushtalk] Letter to my boss

John Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Wed Apr 25 18:34:16 MDT 2018

>                             ...letter to my boss;
>                             I have enjoyed working here these
>                             pastseveral years.  You have paid me very
>                             well, given me benefitsbeyond belief.
>                             I have 3-4months off per year and a
>                             pension plan that will pay mysalary
>                             tillthe day I die and a health plan that
>                             most peoplecan only dream about.
>                             Despite this I plan to take the next
>                             12-18months to finda newposition. During
>                             this time I will show up for work whenit
>                             isconvenient. Inaddition,I fully expect to
>                             draw my full salary and all the other
>                             perksassociatedwithmy current job.
>                             Oh yes, if my search for this new
>                             jobproves fruitless,I will be back
>                             with noloss in pay or status. Before you
>                             sayanything, remember thatyou have
>                             nochoice in the matter;  I can and will do
>                             this.
>                             Sincerely,
>                             Every Senator orCongressman
>                             running forre-election
>                             /Are we stupid or what‽/
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