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Since 1984 Congress Critters have been under the (mostly) same  Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) as your mailman, with some differences.   Your mailman gets 1.1% per year pension if retiring normally.  1 percent under early retirement rules. Congress critters get 1.7% per year for their first 20( 20 years equal 34%) then it drops to 1% per year after that. 
High figures such as 80% are a throwback to the pre-1984 CRS system.  If they were in office or  govt employment under the old CRS system and elected to remain under it after 1984, they get a couple percent per year.  They also ,paid 7% more into that system, did not pay into or qualify for SS, and if employment outside of CRS otherwise qualifies them for SS they face reductions under double dipping rules.   Tom



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I agree with some of this, but the pension is Not as claimed.  Research it.  I have.  Same with their health care in retirement.  I don’t mind coming down where it is due, but we can’t make things up to suit our position.  That’s fake news?  No?   From:rushtalk-bounces at csdco.com <rushtalk-bounces at csdco.com> On Behalf Of John Quayle
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...letter to my boss; I have enjoyed working here these past several years.  You have paid me very well, given me benefits beyond belief. I have 3-4 months off per year and a pension plan that will pay my salary till the day I die and a health plan that most people can only dream about.   Despite this I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position.  During this time I will show up for work when it is convenient. In addition, I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated with my current job.   Oh yes, if my search for this new job proves fruitless, I will be back
with no loss in pay or status. Before you say anything, remember that you have no choice in the matter;  I can and will do this.            Sincerely, Every Senator or Congressman
running for re-election       Are we stupid or what‽     



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