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This takes time to watch but its pretty cool             

                                WWII American Spitfire Pilot...
                                This is probably one of the best WWII
                                film clips out there. Stored for 61
                                years in two suitcases of 16mm home
                                movies that were inherited by filmmaker
                                William Lorton from his great uncle who
                                served as a Flight Surgeon during WWII.
                                Those suitcases contained 3 hours of war
                                footage that included a compelling crash
                                landing of a Spitfire in 1944.
                                Filmed in a 2005 interview with the now
                                83 year old pilot of the Spitfire in the
                                video and seeing the expression on his
                                face when he realizes it is him in the
                                cockpit, is something you won't soon
                                At 18 years old, he was all alone,
                                behind enemy lines, with no guns, no
                                escort, and he gladly did it. They just
                                don't make men like him anymore. He and
                                his peers serving during that time were
                                truly members of the "Greatest
                                Generation" and we owe them so, so much.
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