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Thu Dec 27 20:14:34 MST 2018

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From: Lew Wolfgang 

Hi Folks,

I happened upon this video of a lecture given by Steve Goreham in
Canada entitled:

Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy


Of course I recommend it because it substantiates everything I've been
saying on this topic for more than ten-years.  But Steve also makes some
points I haven't seen before, such as solar power deployment actually
causing increased CO2 emissions when the whole life-cycle is considered.
It also correlates high electricity costs with the percentage of renewables
used on a country-by-country basis.  Carlos, you sure pay a lot for electricity
in Spain!  He mentions the two rolling blackouts of Australia as the hallmark
of a third-world country.  These were the blackouts caused by insufficient
base-load generation.  He also debunks the "97% of climate scientists..."
claim that was even quoted by obama.

Judge Judy Steps Down After 23 Years Over This Controversy
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