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  ‘Flat-Out Lying’: DB Cooper Hijacking Case Just Got a New Plot Twist

By Jonathan Pincus 

February 1, 2018 at 4:34pm

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Another wrinkle has been added to the already perplexing mystery 
surrounding the D.B. Cooper hijacking case of 1971.

A documentary filmmaker named Thomas Colbert claimed Thursday he 
believes the mysterious man to be a black ops CIA operative potentially 
involved with Iran-Contra whose identity has been suppressed by federal 

Colbert recruited a 40-person team to help him decipher the identity of 
the mysterious criminal who in 1971 hijacked a Northwest Orient Boeing 
727 and parachuted out the back of the plane with $200,000 in ransom money.

In January, Colbert revealed to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer 
that the number “717171684” found on the bottom of the letter came from 
an Army veteran named Robert W. Rackstraw who is reportedly still alive 
and residing in San Diego.

Colbert revealed that his team came to this conclusion after utilizing 
information gathered from a code breaker who studied the five letters 
allegedly drafted by Cooper.

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“The new decryptions include a dare to agents, directives to apparent 
partners, and a startling claim that is followed by Rackstraw’s own 
initials: If captured, he expects a get-out-of-jail card from a federal 
spy agency,” Colbert stated in a Thursday media release.

The investigator also noted that multiple people who knew Rackstraw came 
forward and claimed that he had connections to the CIA.

Another investigator on Colbert’s team revealed 
that other evidence gathered throughout the investigation shows that the 
FBI deliberately tried to keep the case a mystery.

“As we suspected, records show the Bureau has been stonewalling, 
covering up evidence and flat-out lying for decades,” the investigator 
told The Oregonian 

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As noted by Fox News, Colbert believes that the nine-digit code found at 
the bottom of the letter may have been an attempt by Cooper to notify 
other conspirators that he was still alive after the heist.

The investigator claims that the number is a reference to three units in 
the Army that Rackstraw had connections to during his time in the military.

However, a former FBI agent believes that the idea of Colbert utilizing 
coding techniques is somewhat far-fetched, but that Rackstraw might be 
the culprit.

“I think the coding thing is remarkable, but I’m a hard skeptic,” Dorwin 
Schreuder, a former FBI agent told the Seattle PI in January. “The 
circumstances of those codes being what Tom says they are, that he says 
nobody but him would know these units and these figures, if it’s true 
that’s pretty hard to argue against. Rackstraw might be his guy.”

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Schreuder worked on the Cooper case back in the 1980s, Fox News reported.

The fifth and final letter was released by the FBI in November 2017 
through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

In the letter, Cooper explained why he believed authorities would never 
be able to capture him.

“I didn’t rob Northwest Orient because I thought it would be romantic, 
heroic or any of the other euphemisms that seem to attach themselves to 
situations of high risk,” the mysterious hijacker allegedly wrote in the 
fifth and final letter.

The statement continued: “My life has been one of hate, turmoil, hunger 
and more hate, this seemed to be the fastest and most profitable way to 
gain a few fast grains of peace of mind.

“I don’t blame people for hating me for what I’ve done nor do I blame 
anybody for wanting me to be caught and punished, though this can never 

In an almost prophetic fashion, he went on to note that authorities 
would have trouble finding him because he “left no fingerprints” and is 
“not a boasting man,” among other things.

He ended the letter by stating that he is not a violent person.

“As a matter of fact I’ve never even received a speeding ticket,” Cooper 

As noted by Seattle PI, the case of D.B. Cooper is the only unsolved 
incident of air piracy in U.S. history.

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