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  Mika Brzezinski Angrily Ends ‘Fire and Fury’ Author Interview over
  Nikki Haley Accusation

By Jason Hopkins 

February 2, 2018 at 11:05am

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Even liberal commentators are apparently having a hard time stomaching 
claims made by author Michael Wolff.

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski — a Democrat who is by no means a fan of the 
Trump administration — had it with Wolff when he appeared Thursday on 
her “Morning Joe” program.

Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” 
appeared on the morning show to discuss details in his book. Many of his 
questionable claims have made for bad headlines for President Donald Trump.

The conversation on the program began with the ongoing Russian 
investigation. However, things turned south when the subject of U.N. 
Ambassador Nikki Haley came up.

Wolff, denying that he had ever accused Haley of having an affair with 
the president, prompted Brzezinski to cut to commercial break and end 
the interview entirely.

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It started when Wolff was asked if he found it “absolutely 
irresponsible” for making such a suggestion without any facts or evidence.

“I found it puzzling that she would deny something she was not accused 
of,” he stated, deflecting the question. “I didn’t infer anything about 
Nikki Haley. What I inferred was that the president is — is that many of 
the people around the president believe he is still involved with 
various women.”

When Brzezinski asked if he regretted inferring anything about Haley, 
Wolff demurred and essentially denied having ever made the suggestion.

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The liberal host was having none of it.

“Come on. Are you kidding? You’re on the set of ‘Morning Joe.’ We don’t 
BS here,” she said, becoming visibly angry.

Wolff then attempted to play a sort of cat-and-mouse game, requesting 
Brzezinski read to him exactly what he said that makes such a suggestion.

That move was apparently the last straw for her.

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“If you don’t get it, if you don’t get what we’re talking about, I’m 
sorry. This is awkward. You’re here on the set with us, but we’re done,” 
she declared.

“Michael Wolff, thank you. We’re going to go to break now. Bye, 
everyone. We’ll be right back.”

The show abruptly ended at that point.

The heated exchange came after Wolff recently insinuated, without proof 
or merit, that Haley acquiesced to an extra-marital affair with Trump.

Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time With Maher” last week, said he knew the 
president was having an affair with someone, but could not flatly say 
with whom. He then pointed the audience to read a passage in his book — 
a section that clearly indicated he was speaking of Haley, according to 

In an interview following his not-so-subtle innuendo, Haley called 
Wolff’s comments “disgusting” and “highly offensive.”

The author did not appear to be happy about getting kicked off “Morning 
Joe.” He later took to Twitter to attack co-host Joe Scarborough 
and Brzezinski.

The validity of Wolff’s book has been questioned by media pundits and 
critics of all partisan stripes, with many arguing that salacious 
details were made with no fact checks, and based almost entirely off 

A PolitiFact 
analysis describes details in the book as “simply wrong.”

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