[Rushtalk] The Worst Has Yet To Come?!?

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The release of Strzok's  texts and emails will be entertaining.   Tom

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 Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018, 3:34 PM
     Fox star Monica Crowley says FISA memo is only the
 first of
       several – “worse” is coming
     February 2,
       christianthiel.net /
       The now-infamous FISA memo could be just one of
         alleging corruption at the FBI, according to one
       Monica Crowley told Fox News on Thursday
 morning that
           “very good sources” had told her that more
 memos are incoming
           and that “there is worse coming down the
       If the contents of this one memo are bad enough to
 send the FBI
         and the Democrats into a tailspin, how bad could the
 others be?
       President Trump is expected
           to declassify the now-ubiquitous Nunes memo
       Crowley: more memos to come
       Controversy over the yet-released memo has caused a
 furor on
         the left, with liberal journalists, Democrats, and
 even James
         Comey accusing Republicans of a bad-faith attempt to
         the FBI.
       But things could get more interesting.
       Crowley told Fox that “sources” had told her
 the Nunes memo is
         just one of several and that there is “worse to
 come down the
       “Well, look, this memo is about origination”,
 said Crowley, a
         senior fellow at the London Center for Policy
       “From what I’m hearing from my sources this is
 about how this
         FISA warrant came into being and why and how it got
 approved and
         why and how it was used.”
       The FISA memo reportedly alleges that the Obama DOJ
 abused its
         authority to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter
 Page. The
         infamous Trump dossier obtained by the Clinton
 campaign was
         allegedly used to justify that surveillance.
       “I also understand from some very good sources
 that this is the
         first of several memos. So as bad as this memo might
 be, my
         understanding is that there is worse coming down the
         Crowley continued.
       Their house of cards is falling down.
       Memo fight climaxes
       The now-infamous memo has driven a wedge between
         and the White House on one hand and Democrats and
 the Justice
         Department on the other. It’s becoming an
         political battle between the president’s party and
 the nation’s
         top law enforcement agency.
       Former FBI director James Comey dished out a
         attack at Trump and Republicans yesterday, calling
 them “weasels
         and liars” who would be remembered like Joe
 McCarthy, the
         anti-communist senator.
       Democrats, led by Adam Schiff (D-Ca.), claim that
 the memo is
         misleading. FBI Director Christopher Wray, who
 viewed the memo
         last weekend, has expressed concerns about certain
           of fact” in the document.
       Trump slammed the FBI/DOJ on Twitter on Friday for
       Considering what we’ve learned so far about these
         handling of the investigations into Clinton and the
 probe into
         alleged collusion between Russia and president
         transition team, President Trump is probably
       With the Nunes memo set to release today and more
 memos down
         the road, things aren’t looking good for the
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