[Rushtalk] End Of The Line For Nancy Pelosi?

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Thu Feb 15 13:12:56 MST 2018

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    Democrats Turn on Nancy Pelosi as 2018 Prospects Dim

News Commentary
By Matt <https://thepoliticalinsider.com/author/matt-palumbo/> | 
Contributor | February 15, 2018 1:36PM

The Democrat Party is a sinking ship, and you need look no further than 
the leadership to see it.

Liberals are turning on Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez 
after a particularly depressing year of fundraising for the Party. While 
the GOP raised $132.5 million in 2017 (marking an all-time off-year 
record for either national party), the DNC raked in only half that. And 
making matters worse, the RNC has $40 million 
<https://thepoliticalinsider.com/rnc-fundraising-record-year/> in cash 
on hand, while the DNC has debt.

Not only that, generic Republicans are polling above generic Democrats 
for what seems like the first time in forever. The stars are not 
aligning for Democrats in the 2018 midterms, and because of that, their 
leader in the House has a target on her back.

According to the Washington Free Beacon 

    Several House Democrats recently berated House Minority Leader Nancy
    Pelosi’s (Calif.) leadership and called for change before the 2018
    midterm elections.
    “For us to go into this election with her as our leader is absolute
    insanity,” one House Democrat, speaking anonymously, told the
    Atlantic. The representative accused Pelosi of putting her own
    interests ahead of the caucus’ and added, “if we don’t win the House
    back, it’s going to be because of her.”

In particular, some Democrats are outraged that Pelosi referred to 
companies giving out $1,000 bonuses in the wake of tax reform as 
“crumbs.” Given that she praised a $40 bi-weekly tax cut that Obama 
passed (in other words, $1,000), it couldn’t have been more obvious that 
she was speaking as a partisan hack – and that’s not a good look. Do you 
think those workers with an extra $1,000 in their pocket care if it was 
a Republican or a Democrat responsible? Of course not – but Pelosi does.

Party members are also no fan of Pelosi’s recent attempt at a 
filibuster. More from the report:

    Pelosi gave
    hours-long speech in early February trying to force a vote on
    immigration reform, even while the minority leader in the Senate,
    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), was promoting an agreement with
    Republicans to keep the government open.  Her filibuster-style
    speech was met
    criticism from within her own ranks. Another House Democrat told the
    Atlanticthat many Democratic lawmakers were “furious” with the speech.

    “Virtually everyone trying to win seats outside of California feels
    she has hurt their chances,” the representative said.

No kidding.

Thank God it took Democrats three decades to figure that one out.
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