[Rushtalk] 12 Worthless RINO against tax cuts

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I am anxious, though not excited, to see the real difference.  We are in high-tax area, but by doubling the standard deduction, we should pretty much break even.  If our bracket drops, we may even come out ahead.  I think that the reigning idiots like Brown are worried that, by losing the state tax deduction, the citizens will be more aware of the burden of the state taxes alone.  I don’t think he gives a rat’s ass for the tax payers – other than the fact that they will now be more aware!

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Why? I would not have expected anything different. They are from high tax states and their constituents will lose a large deduction on their Schedule A. They are looking out for their own constituents which is what they were elected to do. I cannot fault them for that.

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                    I am stunned that Rohrbacher, King and Issa were among them..................

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From: Scott Dugan

Here’s the 12 Republicans in the House Who Voted Against Tax Cuts Dana Rohrabacher CA Darrell Issa CA Walter B. Jones NC Frank A. LoBiondo NJ Christopher H. Smith NJ Leonard Lance NJ Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ Lee Zeldin NY Peter T. King NY Dan Donovan NY John J. Faso NY Elise NY


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