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John Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 18 12:03:43 MST 2018

                    *A Benefits Question*

                    *Dear Sir,*

                    *I have a very complicated benefits question.*

                    *Many years ago, I married a widow out of love who
                    had an 18 year old daughter. *

                    *After the wedding, my father, a widower, came to
                    visit a number of times, and he fell in love with my
                    step-daughter. *

                    *My father eventually married her without my
                    authorization. *

                    *As a result my step-daughter became my step-mother
                    and my father became my son-in-law. *

                    *My father's wife (also my step-daughter) and also
                    my step-mother, gave birth to a son who is my
                    grandchild because I am the husband of my
                    step-daughter's mother. *

                    *This boy is also my brother, as the son of my father. *

                    *As you can see, my wife became a grandmother,
                    because she is the mother of my father's wife. *

                    *Therefore it appears that I am also my wife's

                    *A short time after these events, my wife gave birth
                    to a son, who became my father's brother-in-law, the
                    step-son of my father's wife, and my uncle.*

                    *My son is also my step-mother’s brother, and
                    through my step-mother, my wife has become a
                    grandmother and I have become my own grandfather. *

                    *In light of the above mentioned, I would like to
                    know the following:*

                    *Does my son, who is also my uncle, my father's
                    son-in-law and my step-mother's brother fulfill the
                    requirements for receiving childcare benefits? *

                    *Sincerely yours, *


                    *THE ANSWER:*

                    */Of course you qualify Mohammed! I have arranged to
                    start mailing the checks to all of you just as soon
                    as you arrive here in California./*

                    */Yours faithfully,/*

                    */Governor Jerry Brown/*

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