[Rushtalk] VIDEO. Respected educated muslim WARNS CANADIAN SENATE COMMITTEE about Islam.

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Tue Jan 23 15:18:13 MST 2018

2017-09-30 12:59 GMT+02:00 Campaign at democracydefined.org
<campaign at democracydefined.org>:
                                                 BE AWARE!
          The link below is to a talk given by an educated, reformed,
        formerly Pakistani muslim warning the Canadian Senate Committee
          of the real dangers presented by all unreformed muslims and
            mosques. Read the Koran translated for your edification.
        Take the time to watch the video because, as a (former?) muslim,
        he is able to pass on truths which others are unable to say from
        ignorance about the Koran and Islam ('submission' in Arabic) or
                 for fear of being branded racist or bigoted. 
        Watch Tarek Fatah lay into Senator Grant Mitchell when he argues
        against Mr. Fatah's claims about the barbarity of Islam and the
                      grave danger it poses to The West. 
          Please forward to your list:   https://youtu.be/wUXhBm-g3YE

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