[Rushtalk] 'Police state' national ID card tucked inside major bill

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More I read on this the less I get it.   Real ID Act of 2005 is already law. The right to travel by air with a Pennsylvania DL had been under threat for years because of unspecified "limited technical reasons" with our photo database(code for biometrics).  And no it doesn't cost $800 for a card reader, just a nickel and dime phone app.   Only unsettled law here is what to require the card for.  Simply require the ID for voting and collecting social bennies and let the left fight this battle.   Tom   

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 Subject: [Rushtalk] 'Police state' national ID card tucked inside major bill
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     'Police state' national ID card tucked inside
 major bill 
           For a long time, many Americans
             have been fearful of a biometric
 national-identity card
             coming to fruition. 
             And now, its creation is possibly imminent, and
 it has
             privacy advocates sounding the alarm ...
               the latest now on WND.com.
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