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  Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, Updated

Bob Barr <https://townhall.com/columnists/bobbarr>
Bob Barr <https://townhall.com/columnists/bobbarr>
Posted: May 02, 2018 12:01 AM
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As the little girl in the movie "Poltergeist" declared, "They're 
baaaack."  This time, however, it is not evil ghosts reappearing to make 
us shiver, but real-life leftists transforming their mid-20th century 
social movement centered on college campuses and anti-war rhetoric, to 
one far more subtle and multi-pronged. Hillary Clinton's college mentor, 
socialist Saul Alinsky, the Rasputin behind that 1960's movement, 
drafted the roadmap for the radical Left to achieve its transformational 
goal of socializing America.  They fell short of their goal, but only 
with regard to the timeline.  Now, in this early 21st century, Alinsky's 
manifesto is being updated and expanded; and one of its prime 
implementers may surprise you.

The non-profit community, long a meeting place for far-left sympathizers 
and Democrat do-gooders, now is in the vanguard of defining and 
implementing what Alinsky defined more than four decades ago as "Rules 
for Radicals."

Alinsky's 13 rules, combining psychology with political activism and 
brutal single-mindedness, is an undeniable masterpiece when it comes to 
neutralizing one’s opponents. Yet, as timeless as Alinsky’s rules may 
appear, they are not indelible.

Today’s liberals have, with some exception, evolved passed the raw 
violence of predecessors like the Weathermen, a late-60s urban terrorist 
group. Instead, the new weapon of choice is more cleverly camouflaged 
and dangerous. Riding on the coattails of post-modernism forced on us by 
university professors and pandering politicians, is the notion that 
objective “truth” is fiction, and that facts are simply a matter of 
shaping perspective.

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It seems fitting then that a 14^th Rule should be added to Alinsky’s 
original 13: “Truth is what you make it to be.”  Facts no longer are the 
“stubborn things” of an earlier age, but simply concepts to be defined 
by their presenter.

The act of lying with the intent to deceive is as old as the story of 
man. What makes today’s deception so different is the intentional 
manipulation of truth as a strategy for political gain; a process so 
convincing,apparently, that even those who spin the falsehoods come to 
believe their new “reality.” After all, the goal is not to create a 
believable fiction, but to so tweak and distort the underlying facts 
that the fiction /becomes /the new truth. And, while it may seem only 
the most sociopathic could handle the mental and moral burdens of 
pursuing this tact in furthering a political cause, the Rule is more 
mainstream among the Left than we should hope.  And here is where the 
non-profit community comes into play.

In last month’s edition of Nonprofit Quarterly 
a publication well-regarded and widely-read in the non-profit sector, 
contributor Susan Nall Bales details a new roadmap for “revolution” 
based upon the successes of the Parkland High School students who made 
headlines advocating for gun control. In it, Bales calls for reframing 
the debate about guns to focus less on facts, and more on “crafting of 
explanatory stories,” which “connect the dots for people and give them a 
complete story about how the world works that they can share with their 
social circles.” In other words, treat “facts” are secondary to the 
overall narrative you wish to create, as long as it is compelling and 

Perusing Bales’ article, the dots become more clearly connected in 
understanding today’s myriad of social movements on the Left; movements 
driven not by logic or reason, but by a sense of pure emotional 
superiority. For the Parkland Kids, the objective facts on gun control, 
gun crimes, and complexities of stopping mass shootings 
are of minor importance; as they did not fit theirnarrative that kids 
are sent to school every day to be slaughtered because the National 
Rifle Association has all of Congress in its pocket. It was a story they 
sold well to the public; at least until the public realized that while 
students demanded the rest of the nation surrender their Second 
Amendment rights, the simple requirement of wearing clear backpacks was 
somehow a grave injustice to their First Amendment rights.

Bales would likely only fault them for failing to stick to the original 

And, while we might remain optimistic that society as a whole would be 
able to recognize and reject this truth-bending, consider how easy 
Michael Bloomberg’s non-profit, anti-gun organization, Everytown for Gun 
Safety, has been able to drive the national debate about mass shootings 
by propagating demonstrably false information about school shootings, 
which is then soaked-up and reproduced by the Mainstream Media. Despite 
the reality that people are objectively far safer from gun violence 
than in the 1990s, the public has been intentionally lead to believe 
another far-scarier reality as a direct result of Everytown’s 
alternative truth-telling 
because that is more supportive of its agenda.

  While much of the non-profit world focuses right now on gun violence, 
this simply reflects the fact that it is an evergreen subject currently 
in the headlines.  The Left's real agenda encompasses far more than gun 
control; and its use of the non-profit community -- with fingers in so 
many pies and flush with dollars -- to further that transformation, is a 
tactic that would make Alinsky proud.

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