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Published: May 13, 2018
Author: Paul Craig Roberts

Trump is a disaster for the environment, for wildlife, and for human

Trump has handed over to polluters oil and mineral rights in US National
Monuments. Mining will now deface what was before Trump protected
national monuments, and oil drilling will destroy the Arctic National
Refuge. He has appointed polluters to run the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA), and he has waived rules in order to comply with the
polluting industries’ wish list.

Trump wants to cut EPA funding by 23 percent and to cut funding for
restoration programs for the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay by 90
percent. He wants to pay for the upkeep of national parks by expanding
oil and gas exploration on public lands. But he doesn’t hesitate to send
the equivalent of the annual environmental budget in war criminal
missile attacks on Syria and plans for attacking Iran.

To be quite clear, Trump is privatizing national property and allowing a
small handful of polluting corporations to plunder public assets while
he builds a case for war against Iran.

The assault on the environment started with VP Dick Cheney, but Trump
has unleashed private plunder of public assets to an extreme degree.

No one has ever explained how assets owned by the American people can be
turned over to a few friends and supporters of the ruling elite in
Washington. In what law does the power exist for a president or federal
agency chairman to expropriate public assets for plunder by politically
connected friends?

The way America works, thanks to the Republican Supreme Court that
legalized it, polluters bid with their campaign donations to be given
permission to loot and despoil national monuments and refuges. The
Supreme Court called the corporate purchase of the US government a
constitutionally permitted exercise of free speech.

Existing law prevents the environmental looting, but law means nothing
to Washington. We have experienced the entirety of the 21st century so
far with Washington being in total noncompliance with international law,
instead behaving consistently as a war criminal as defined by existing
international law.

Trump has now escalated Washington’s war criminal behavior. He has
unilaterally pulled out of a multi-nation agreement that ensures Iran’s
nuclear non-proliferation, and he has imposed more illegal unilateral
economic sanctions on Iran that punish US companies such as Boeing and
corporations in numerous European countries. Trump’s foreign policy is
under the control of Israel. Trump is unable to act in America’s
interest or in the interest of Washington’s European, Canadian, and
Australian vassals.

Trump’s stupid decision has caused rebellion among Washington’s usual
compliant and well paid vassals—UK, France, and Germany. Europeans are
saying that it is long past time that Europe represented its own
interests instead of Washington’s.

The silver lining in Trump’s stupid decision is that it might cause
Europe to become independent and to cease being a chorus praising
Washington’s war crimes. Will we see a rebellion of European political
figures, essentially Washington’s whores, that will break up the Empire
and lead to an independent Europe?

Such a development would justify all of Putin’s hesitation to put his
foot down.

As matters stand, “the coalition of the willing” is reduced to
Washington and Israel. Not even a majority of Americans support Trump
pulling out of the multi-nation Iran agreement, nor do they support his
appointment of a war criminal, Haspal, as director of the CIA, nor do
they support Trump’s permission to Israel to continue the war against
Syria and to attack Iran.

But the people everywhere in the western “democracies” are powerless.
They are never allowed to elect anyone who would do the right things.
Invariably their votes put in office those who exploit them and peoples
of other countries. This is why the other part of the world views the
West as a plague upon all mankind, including the western peoples

Trump was expected to be a disaster for the environment. The hope was
that the liberal/progressive/left would rally to his intent to withdraw
from Syria and to normalize relations with Russia. By supporting Trump
against the neoconservatives and the military/security complex, the
liberal/progressive/lt would have gained some chips that could be used
to moderate Trump’s assault on the environment.

Unfortunately, the liberal/progressive/left aligned with Brennan’s CIA,
Comey’s FBI, and Hillary’s DNC and committed to the orchestrated
“Russiagate” allegations that were intended to discredit Trump and to
force him out of office. I was very disappointed to see the
environmental movement join in with the orchestrated “Russiagate”
conspiracy against Trump.

As a result, Trump owes environmentalists and the
liberal/progressive/left nothing. The consequence is that the
environment, civil liberty and peace have been lost. 

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/11/trump-is-a-disas ter/
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