[Rushtalk] Time to end foreign aid to Israel and everyone else

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/*We need not be giving aid to _ANYONE_! Who even comes to American 
assistance after hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters?*/

On 5/25/2018 11:48 AM, Carl Spitzer wrote:
> *Published: May 25, 2018*
> *Author: Jacob G. Hornberger*
> *Given the recent shooting of unarmed Palestinian protestors at the 
> hands of Israeli soldiers, leaving 58 people killed and 2,700 injured, 
> isn’t it time for the American people to be asking the following 
> question about the role of the federal government in the lives of the 
> American people: Why should any American be forced to subsidize the 
> salaries of the Israeli soldiers who did the shooting and the rifles 
> and bullets they used in the massacre?*
> *I am referring, of course, to “foreign aid,” the federal program by 
> which American citizens are forced to fund foreign regimes that many 
> would choose not to fund if they had a choice.*
> *Even those who support the deadly mayhem in Gaza nonetheless would be 
> hard-pressed to explain why anyone should be forced to fund something 
> that violates his own conscience.*
> *In a genuinely free society (as compared to an unfree society that 
> only purports to be free), people keep their own money and decide what 
> they wish to do with it. Some donate to this cause, others donate to 
> that cause, and some don’t make any donations at all.*
> *That was one of the basic principles of freedom on which the United 
> States was founded. Our American ancestors decided that this would be 
> a society in which there would be no income taxation or IRS. Thus, for 
> more than 100 years, the American people were free to keep everything 
> they earned.*
> *By the same token, no one was forced to share his income with others. 
> In other words, no mandatory charity. That’s because our American 
> ancestors believed that no one should be forced to be good and caring. 
> If donations were to occur, they would have to come voluntarily and 
> willingly from the income that people were free to keep.*
> *At the risk of belaboring the obvious, the society that America’s 
> founders brought into existence was the most unusual in history, 
> especially given such other features as no Social Security, Medicare, 
> Medicaid, farm subsidies, welfare, public schooling, drug laws, 
> immigration controls, Federal Reserve, paper money, minimum-wage laws, 
> price controls, massive standing army, military-industrial complex, 
> CIA, NSA, FBI, entangling alliances, foreign wars, foreign 
> interventions, and other welfare-warfare departments, agencies, and 
> programs that characterize the type of system that Americans (and 
> everyone else in the world) live under today.*
> *Moreover, no foreign aidI*
> *Let’s break down foreign aid to its essentials in order to clearly 
> comprehend why it is so reprehensible.*
> *Unlike the first century of Americans, Americans have lived under a 
> federal income tax since 1913, just as most people around the world 
> do. The law requires them to send a certain portion of their income to 
> the U.S. Treasury. If they refuse to do so, they are met with the full 
> totalitarian-like powers of the Internal Revenue Service, including 
> liens, garnishments, attachments, audits, harassment, arrest, 
> indictment, prosecution, conviction, incarceration, and fine.*
> *Thus, the myth that some U.S. officials have promoted over the years 
> that the income tax is voluntary is just that — a myth, actually a 
> lie. It’s not voluntary because if any individual decides against 
> paying the tax, the feds, especially the IRS, do very bad things to 
> him. That’s not voluntarism. That’s coercion in its purest form.*
> *The U.S. government then uses a portion of those seized monies to 
> send money or armaments to the Israeli government. We call it “foreign 
> aid” but in actuality it is nothing more than government-to-government 
> welfare. The Israeli government then uses the “foreign aid” to 
> underwrite its programs and operations against the Palestinians.*
> *U.S. officials and Israeli officials maintain that U.S. foreign aid 
> to Israel is justified because the Israelis, they say, are in the 
> right in their long-standing dispute with the Palestinians.*
> *But why shouldn’t each American be free to make that call for 
> himself? Why should a person who disagrees with that assessment be 
> forced to fund something that violates his conscience? Why shouldn’t 
> Americans be free to decide whether to send money to Israel, just as 
> they are free to say “no” to the grocery-store clerk who asks if they 
> wish to contribute a dollar to “support the troops”? Don’t forget: 
> voluntary charity was one of the basic principles of freedom on which 
> our nation was founded.*
> *Indeed, today there are many Americans who send donations to the 
> Israeli state and to private groups within Israel. There are regular 
> fundraising drives in synagogues and by other private groups across 
> America that raise money for both the Israeli government and private 
> Israeli groups. No one forces anyone to donate. It’s all voluntary. 
> That’s the way it should be.*
> *By forcing everyone to fund the Israeli government, including its 
> actions against the Palestinians, foreign aid clearly violates that 
> fundamental principle of freedom. Everyone, including people who would 
> ordinarily say “no,” is being forced to fund something whether he 
> wants to or not.*
> *Of course, it’s not just Israel. Consider Egypt, which is governed by 
> one of the most brutal, unelected military dictatorships in history, 
> one that long considered itself to be an enemy of the Israeli state. 
> The U.S. government sends foreign aid to Egypt in the form of money 
> and armaments, which Egyptian officials use to maintain their brutal 
> tyranny against the Egyptian people.*
> *Why should any American be forced to fund the Egyptian tyrants, 
> especially Americans who oppose tyranny? Why shouldn’t Americans be 
> free to decide for themselves who to donate to and who not to donate to?*
> *Foreign aid is really nothing more than a crooked, corrupt racket 
> that the U.S. government operates as a way to control foreign regimes. 
> The idea is to place foreign regimes on the U.S. government’s welfare 
> dole as a way of making them dependent on the dole. It has never had 
> anything to do with any concern for the welfare of foreigners. It has 
> always been about control. Once a foreign regime goes on the 
> foreign-policy dole, it will be much more likely be compliant, 
> submissive, and agreeable to the dole-giver owing to fear of losing 
> its dole.*
> *This realpolitik was made clear just last March by John Bolton, who 
> now serves as President Trump’s national security advisor. In an 
> article in the Chicago Tribune, Bolton is quoted as saying, “I’ve been 
> of the view that votes in the United Nations should cost people, cost 
> countries that vote against us.” To confirm his point, Bolton pointed 
> out that back in 1990, Yemeni officials voted in the UN against U.S. 
> intervention against Saddam Hussein, who had previously been a partner 
> and ally of the U.S. government. Bolton recalled, approvingly, that 
> U.S. Secretary of State James Baker told the Yemenis that it would 
> prove to be the most expensive vote they ever cast. Bolton pointed 
> out, “And we did cut their foreign aid. And there needs to be more of 
> that.”*
> *Moreover, in a time when the U.S. government’s debt, which hangs over 
> the American people like the sword of Damocles, now exceeds $21 
> trillion and when the government continues adding almost a trillion 
> dollars a year to that debt, shouldn’t Americans be demanding a 
> reduction in federal spending before U.S. officials drive us all into 
> bankruptcy?*
> *What better place to start than by ending all U.S. foreign aid, not 
> only to Israel, but also to every other regime in the world? *
> *https://www.fff.org/2018/05/17/time-end-foreign-aid-israel-e 
> veryone-else/ 
> <https://www.fff.org/2018/05/17/time-end-foreign-aid-israel-everyone-else/>* 
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