[Rushtalk] Why Is Socialism Still Popular?

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Tue May 29 14:23:27 MDT 2018

/*Minneapolis to Texas, they pretty much are. Just about all of the 
seminaries in the _MIDWEST_ are at capacity. */

On 5/29/2018 1:59 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> And why do you think attendance is falling off?  Because the Church 
> doesn’t address contemporary needs.  I attended Catholic Seminary for 
> years, but I left due exactly to that point. There were too many 
> questions they simply couldn’t  (or wouldn’t) answer.
> “ALL’ of the seminaries are full to capacity.  I definitely know some 
> that aren’t.  That shoots “all” right in the butt. Seminaries are 
> closing, especially Catholic ones.  People aren’t buying it anymore.
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> */Excellent reply, Dennis! Well done, sir! /*
> */              As far as Christians spending an hour per week in 
> church, the Pittsburgh Diocese is having to undergo radial shrinking 
> (180 parishes down to about 75) because of falling attendance and a 
> lack of priests. Meanwhile, all of the seminaries in the midwest are 
> full to capacity. Something is definitely amiss here. Media plays a 
> large part in this because Christianity is lampooned in current 
> culture. /*
> On 5/29/2018 7:44 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>     Perhaps you have a slight case of tunnel vision or using too wide
>     a brush. It is very hard for any Christian not be sucked into some
>     of the hatred, especially since a large part of it is directed at
>     white, male Christians. Weak as we are, there comes a point where
>     hatred directed at us becomes too much to bear so human nature is
>     to redirect the resulting anger back. This is one of our many
>     flaws for which Jesus suffered on our behalf. As you said we are
>     not perfect vessels and some have major cracks. But you are being
>     somewhat hypocritical by condemning your fellow Christians because
>     of your own anecdotal observations. As with humans in general
>     there are good and poor members of the Christian faith and the
>     poor ones are those we should be helping, not condemning. Indeed,
>     even those that are only Christians for one hour per week in
>     church, do spend that hour. As the old saw goes, church is not a
>     refuge for saints but a hospital for sinners. We can only try our
>     best to follow Jesus' teachings and some are better than others at
>     doing that. None are perfect.
>     On 5/28/2018 4:24 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
>         Yu know, over the past decade or so, the only thing I have
>         seen Christianity and Holy Scripture used for are weapons.
>         True Christianity, and the true meaning of the Holy writings
>         live in our hearts, and should always be visible to others. 
>         None among us will ever be perfect vessels or examples, but
>         don’t we need to at least try? Our country is so full of
>         hatred right now.  Such is both saddening and sickening, and
>         where will it end? How many of us will rally to answer that
>         questions with “as soon as somebody else does something”?
>         I volunteer for an organization that gathers and distributes
>         food for the needy.  Great.  But when spending more and more
>         time with them, I believe a lot of them miss the boat, too. 
>         So very much of what we witness in our day-to-day lives is
>         nothing more than lip service to the true meaning of
>         Christianity and Holy Scripture.  Other than  an hour a week
>         in Church, how many of us, in our day-to-day lives, are
>         recognizable as Christians – not by what we say we are, not by
>         pointing fingers of condemnation of others, but by how we
>         behave?  How many of us even begin to live up to “And they’ll
>         know we are Christians …”.
>         We pat ourselves on the back for going to church every Sunday,
>         and for following Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, while
>         we viciously attack and demonize any who aren’t totally in
>         line with what we believe.  We can’t wait to climb up on our
>         soap boxes so that we can tell everyone else how they should
>         lead their lives, what they should believe, how they should act.
>         Jesus’ life here on earth, and the message of Holy Scripture
>         was never intended to be the vehicle of hatred and
>         condemnation for which it is so used today.
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