[Rushtalk] Why Is Socialism Still Popular?

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OK, so we have gone from “all” to “pretty much” and “just about”.

However many vocations we have is great.  That said, I saw seminarians dropping around me like flies because they simply couldn’t get reasonable answers to their questions.  Same for me.  Some questioning is accepted and encouraged, but eventually it is not, and the seminarian either leaves, or is asked to leave.  Some make it.  GREAT!  We need more.  Knowing some, I know some kept their questions to themselves and struggle with them today.  Others accept more blindly.  Nothing wrong there, either.  And some are starting to talk their questions out loud in the form of dissention.  Maybe not radical – yet, but dissention nonetheless.  And many of those are the ones gathering followers.  I can see it hear in some of the demonstrations, and I hear about it from friends back home (in the Midwest).

The seminary I attended was NEVER at capacity.  Midwest!

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                    Minneapolis to Texas, they pretty much are. Just about all of the seminaries in the MIDWEST are at capacity.

On 5/29/2018 1:59 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
And why do you think attendance is falling off?  Because the Church doesn’t address contemporary needs.  I attended Catholic Seminary for years, but I left due exactly to that point.  There were too many questions they simply couldn’t  (or wouldn’t) answer.

“ALL’ of the seminaries are full to capacity.  I definitely know some that aren’t.  That shoots “all” right in the butt.  Seminaries are closing, especially Catholic ones.  People aren’t buying it anymore.

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                    Excellent reply, Dennis! Well done, sir!

              As far as Christians spending an hour per week in church, the Pittsburgh Diocese is having to undergo radial shrinking (180 parishes down to about 75) because of falling attendance and a lack of priests. Meanwhile, all of the seminaries in the midwest are full to capacity. Something is definitely amiss here. Media plays a large part in this because Christianity is lampooned in current culture.

On 5/29/2018 7:44 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
Perhaps you have a slight case of tunnel vision or using too wide a brush. It is very hard for any Christian not be sucked into some of the hatred, especially since a large part of it is directed at white, male Christians. Weak as we are, there comes a point where hatred directed at us becomes too much to bear so human nature is to redirect the resulting anger back. This is one of our many flaws for which Jesus suffered on our behalf. As you said we are not perfect vessels and some have major cracks. But you are being somewhat hypocritical by condemning your fellow Christians because of your own anecdotal observations. As with humans in general there are good and poor members of the Christian faith and the poor ones are those we should be helping, not condemning. Indeed, even those that are only Christians for one hour per week in church, do spend that hour. As the old saw goes, church is not a refuge for saints but a hospital for sinners. We can only try our best to follow Jesus' teachings and some are better than others at doing that. None are perfect.

On 5/28/2018 4:24 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
Yu know, over the past decade or so, the only thing I have seen Christianity and Holy Scripture used for are weapons.  True Christianity, and the true meaning of the Holy writings live in our hearts, and should always be visible to others.  None among us will ever be perfect vessels or examples, but don’t we need to at least try?  Our country is so full of hatred right now.  Such is both saddening and sickening, and where will it end?  How many of us will rally to answer that questions with “as soon as somebody else does something”?

I volunteer for an organization that gathers and distributes food for the needy.  Great.  But when spending more and more time with them, I believe a lot of them miss the boat, too.  So very much of what we witness in our day-to-day lives is nothing more than lip service to the true meaning of Christianity and Holy Scripture.  Other than  an hour a week in Church, how many of us, in our day-to-day lives, are recognizable as Christians – not by what we say we are, not by pointing fingers of condemnation of others, but by how we behave?  How many of us even begin to live up to “And they’ll know we are Christians …”.

We pat ourselves on the back for going to church every Sunday, and for following Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, while we viciously attack and demonize any who aren’t totally in line with what we believe.  We can’t wait to climb up on our soap boxes so that we can tell everyone else how they should lead their lives, what they should believe, how they should act.

Jesus’ life here on earth, and the message of Holy Scripture was never intended to be the vehicle of hatred and condemnation for which it is so used today.


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