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Published: Nov 8, 2018
Author: James Kirkpatrick

America is so divided, even the political clichés don't work anymore. In
professional wrestling, it's called a "cheap pop"--an unnecessary
reference to the home town designed to get the audience to give an
automatic cheer. Politicians do the same by praising the history of
whatever state or community they are in. But in post-America, the
quickest path to popularity among the Left is to bash your own
state--and receive the praise of the Main Stream Media for your courage.

The latest Democrat campaign caught trashing its own state: Florida
gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. James O'Keefe's Project Veritas
captured one Omar Smith, "who says he went to college with Gillum,"
complaining that "Florida is a cracker state" and that the "poor, the
middle income" must be whipped "into a frenzy" to drive out the white
Republicans. [Gillum makes promises he can't keep, "that's not for
[voters[ to know, says campaign staff in undercover video, October 31,
2018] Similarly, the staffer notes that you "have to appeal to white
guilt" to get Gillum elected. [Caught on video: Gillum staffer makes
racist statements and admits campaign is lying to voters, by Chris
Pandolfo, Conservative Review, November 1, 2018]

The Gillum campaign has since severed ties with Smith, who indeed
attended Florida A&M at the same time as the candidate. [Gillum campaign
cuts ties with aide caught in Veritas video saying candidate fooling
voters, by Petr Svab, The Epoch Times, November 1, 2018] Yet Smith was
essentially telling the truth. After all, Gillum himself cut his
political teeth serving as Director of Youth Leadership Programs of
"Young People For" (YP4), a progressive training group. The "issues"
section of the organization essentially denies America's right to exist,
as it is illegitimately occupying Indian lands.

Citing the group's own website, Breitbart reports:

Gillum's YP4 said it "operates daily with the understanding that the
lands upon which our movements organize––and upon which our own offices
are situated ––have been ripped from the hands of their historical
inhabitants through the sustained, continued genocide of Native and
indigenous peoples."

[Andrew Gillum fought U.S. 'genocide,' 'colonialism' through 2017 as
youth director of extremist org, by Aaron Klein, October 30, 2018]

The YP4 website also features jargon-heavy rhetoric about how the
program is "committed to the liberation of communities of color in this
country and around the world." This involves confronting "the legacy of
white supremacy which manifests in colonialism, imperialism, slavery and
voracious predatory capitalism." Somehow, the "liberation" referred to
by such groups never refers to living apart from the evil colonialist
whites, but simply agitates for more handouts from the pale-faced

Gillum is not alone. Stacey Abrams, another black gubernatorial
candidate heavily promoted by the MSM, actually burned the Georgia state
flag in 1992 on the steps of the capital. [Report of Abrams burning
Georgia state flag resurfaces weeks before election, by Morgan Gstalter,
The Hill, October 22, 2018] She now aspires to lead the state. The MSM
is excusing this conduct because the Confederate Battle Flag was a part
of the design at the time, but as VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow once
noted, that flag is simply "the emblem of the white Southern component
of the American nation." Abrams wants that component wiped out, as shown
by her advocacy of destroying the famous Stone Mountain reliefs of
Confederate generals, presumably the same way the Taliban demolished the
Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. Indeed, Abrams's entire campaign is
thinly-veiled black nationalism and racial resentment. Former Jeremiah
"God Damn America" Wright parishioner Oprah Winfrey is currently
stumping for Abrams, because if a Republican wins it means the
sacrifices of those who were "lynched" or "oppressed" would be "in
vain". [Watch: Oprah Invokes Lynching, Oppression In Campaign Speech For
Stacey Abrams, by Joshua Caplan, Breitbart, November 1, 2018] Michael B.
Jordan, one of the stars of black nationalist fanfiction epic "Black
Panther," is also campaigning for Abrams, accompanied by fawning
journalists. [Michael B. Jordan knocks on doors in Atlanta, encouraging
people to vote in midterms, by Caitlin O'Kane, CBS News, November 1,
2018] One can't help but remember that Jordan played the guy in "Black
Panther" who thought the eponymous hero was too friendly towards whites
and that Wakandans should instead arm black populations around the world
for a global uprising [The Fall Of Wakanda, by Gregory Hood, American
Renaissance, March 2, 2018]. But there are no Republican Deep Thinkers
like Jeff Flake to furrow his brow and fret about "tribalism" among the

Still, at least Abrams or her Hollywood friends haven't (yet) expressed
indifference towards people shooting Americans in the real world. That
distinction must go to Democrat Representative and current Senate
candidate Kyrsten Sinema, who expressed indifference in 2003 about
Americans joining the Taliban to kill Americans [McSally: Sinema being
ok with Americans joining Taliban is 'disqualifying,' by Kristina Wong,
Breitbart, October 15, 2018].

Sinema also has a bizarre record of hostility against her own state.
Some of the highlights:

Another video of Kyrsten Sinema trashing Arizona: 'The meth lab of
democracy,' by Becket Adams, Washington Examiner, October 12, 2018 New
recording of Sinema implying Arizona produces; 'Crazy' by Nicholas
Riccardi and Bob Christie, Associated Press, October 11, 2018 Ripping
the home folks: Kyrsten Sinema stated Arizona should 'serve as a warning
symbol,' by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire, October 16, 2018 Kyrsten Sinema
Slams Arizonans Again: 'Famous in a Lindsay Lohan Kind Of Way,' by
Michelle Moons, Breitbart, October 16, 2018

This Congressman really, really seems to hate her state.

In one way, the comments of Sinema and her fellow Democrat candidates
are similar to the kind of moral preening you get from the likes of
cuckservatives like S.E. Cupp, David French, or Steve Schmidt. Just as
cuckservatives regard the opinions of actual conservatives as irrelevant
and unworthy of consideration, so do Sinema, Gillum, and Abrams simply
consider their conservative white constituents as not part of the
polity. Their real constituency is the MSM, and the good opinion of
Leftist journalists is far more important to them than the respect of
the people they ostensibly represent.

Yet these Democrat politicians are even more sinister than
cuckservatives. The latter are merely either stupid or cowardly, but
these Democrat politicians are counting on a strategy of demographic
dispossession to deconstruct the history and identity of the red states
of Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. And on a long enough timeline, they
will succeed.

Once the states are transformed into purely administrative units
populated by random Third Worlders, Democrats have a path to victory in
even the reddest of red states. Michelle Goldberg recently gloated in an
admirably forthright piece in the New York Times about a "white
conservative minority... swamped by a new multiracial polyglot
majority," specifically referencing the Georgia gubernatorial race as an

Of course, President Theodore Roosevelt famously warned against America
becoming a "polyglot boarding house for the world." Goldberg must have
known she was ironically echoing Roosevelt's phrase. However, Goldberg,
her fellow journalists, and the Democrat politicians who take their cues
from the MSM see the Bull Moose's nightmare as their path to permanent
political power. (Well, at least until this proposed Brazil of the North
gets its own Bolsonaro).

What stands in the way of the Democrats' plan: the Historic American
Nation. Attacking historic symbols, flags, and even the existing
population of entire states are all part of a larger effort to flat-out
dispossess Americans of their country and replace them with a more
servile dependent population. The result will be a never-ending war
against every symbol of European-American history or American

Peter Brimelow, in his explanation of this site's name, reported the
case of an "Anti-Bias Task Force" demanding the Long Island town of
Southampton abolish its seal, which depicted a Pilgrim and the words
"First English settlement in the State of New York" on the grounds that
he grounds that it "features an offensive representation of one gender,
one race and one historical period..."

Brimelow commented:

"One historical period..."?

Yeah. It's called America.

These Democrat candidates, like many in their party's base, are now
increasingly blatant about their desire for a post-American future.

Thus the choice in this election, and perhaps every election for the
foreseeable future, is cruelly simple: America as a nation--yes or no? 

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