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Emmy Ratings Plummet 

      * by: AU Staff 

Emmy Ratings Plummet
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The Emmys have hit an all-time low in ratings after the latest edition
aired on Monday night. Some are even arguing that it hit a low morally
too with how politically motivated it has become.

According to The Daily Wire: 

        The Emmy Awards hit an all-time low — and not just in the
        Politics dominated the red carpet for the TV awards, with some
        actors wearing Nike gear to support Colin Kaepernick, who
        started the kneeling protests in the NFL. There were Nazi jokes,
        plenty of Trump bashing and even a few barbed riffs on Roseanne
        Barr. One black actor even showed up in white face.
        So it should come as no surprise that the 70th Emmy Awards'
        rating slumped by 10% in early ratings from last year — setting
        a new all-time low with a 7.4 household rating, The
        Wrap reported.
        That continues a trend for awards shows, all of which have
        become hyper-political. The 2018 Oscars dropped 16% over 2017,
        and the Grammys fell 20% over the previous year.

This was another opportunity for Hollywood to show how out of touch they
are, and they took full advantage. 

 Source: TTN 

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