[Rushtalk] Why Jesus Spoke Very Differently About Money Near His Hometown Than He Did Near Jerusalem

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Why Jesus Spoke Very Differently About Money Near His Hometown Than He
Did Near Jerusalem 

Jerry Bowyer
Jerry Bowyer | Posted: Jul 18, 2018 9:43 

Galilee was quite different from Judea, where Jerusalem and the Temple
were found. Archeology has not found a single large estate in Galilee.
It seems to have been made up of a decentralized ownership society  in
which people worked the land the lived on and lived on the land they
worked.  There were pretty big cities as centers of wealth, but they do
not seem to have had as parasitic a relationship with the rural areas
and villages as in the South.

In the South, there were many large agricultural conglomerates. Someone
would take land, often by force and then over long periods of time, they
would either by violence of financial manipulation displace surrounding
small farmers.

In this short video, Dr. David Fiensy, author of Christian Origins and
the Ancient Economy and experienced (with eight digging sites under his
belt-almost all of them in Galilee) talks about the differences between
the kind of society that Jesus grew up in and the kind of society which
He later confronted in his trips to Jerusalem, a society with responded
to his confrontation by killing Him.



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