[Rushtalk] Sen. Hirono Says Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted Because Of Views On Abortion

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Sen. Hirono Says Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted Because Of Views On Abortion

10:57 AM 09/23/2018 Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor share on facebook
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Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono tied Supreme Court nominee Brett
Kavanaugh’s credibility as a witness to his stance on women’s
reproductive issues during a segment  Sunday on CNN’s “State of the
Union” with Jake Tapper.


Hirono was responding to an editorial, published in the Wall Street
Journal, which suggested that the situation regarding Judge Brett
Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford was damaging the U.S.
justice system.

Tapper quoted the piece as saying, “Sexual allegations should be
accepted as true merely by having been made. The accuser is presumably
telling the truth because the accuser is a woman. This turns American
justice and due process upside down.” He then turned the question to
Hirono: “What’s your response?”

The Hawaiian Senator responded by saying that if the WSJ actually cared
about due process, they would be pushing for an investigation. “For The
Wall Street Journal to come out and talk to me about due process or all
the women out there that I’m hearing about that never came forward,” she
said, “it is really important, not only for these survivors to be heard,
but if their stories are as credible as Dr. Ford’s story is, they need
to be believed.”

Tapper challenged Hirono, pointing out the fact that so far four of the
five people Ford has named as being at that party — the fifth being Ford
herself — have come forward and denied that such a party ever even

Ignoring the other three witnesses who have denied the party occurred,
Hirono focussed on Kavanaugh. She blamed his “ideological agenda,”
saying that to her he was not credible because she viewed his denial in
the context of the way he handles cases.

“This is a person that will be sitting on our Supreme Court, making
decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice,” she said. “He
very much is against women’s reproductive choice.”

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