[Rushtalk] Reagans RINO son attacks Trump

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Fri Oct 12 20:14:58 MDT 2018

/*Ron Junior is an incorrigible leftist moron....................*/

On 10/12/2018 9:59 PM, Carl Spitzer {C Juno} wrote:
>   *Ronald Reagan’s Son Attacks Trump*
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> Ron Reagan, Jr., son of former President Ronald Reagan recently 
> appeared on MSNBC where he called President Trump an “imbecilic 
> sociopath.”
> Reagan stated, “You asked a few minutes ago if there was any other 
> president we could remember would say anything like this about a 
> fellow American citizen, and the answer is no, not publicly. If the 
> last two years taught us anything, it’s that Donald Trump does not 
> appreciate or grasp the grandeur and the dignity of the office he 
> holds. And you are quite right if they are good people they grow into 
> to the extent that they can. Trump has had the opposite effect. He is 
> not growing into the dignity and the grandeur of the office he holds. 
> He is dragging that dignity and that grandeur through the gutter. 
> Because that is who he is. There is no larger self there.”
> “What do you think you are going to get when you install in the Oval 
> Office, an imbecilic sociopath? Things are not going to turn out well.”
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>     */jgp44 /*
>     Ron Reagan Jr is and has been a continual disgrace to the name of
>     Ronald Reagan. But idiots like him (whose 15 minutes of fame
>     expired long ago) know that they can get on radio and TV if they
>     trash Trump. They don’t even need to have a coherent argument.
>     */Smackey /*
>     This left wing nut has been trying to cash in on his fathers name
>     for years. Didn’t work and neither does he. Pathetic loser.
>     */Hopeful27 /*
>     Yeah, I have little respect for Reagan Jr. If he wasn’t the son of
>     a former president, his words would be just part of the incoherent
>     liberal mantra spewed out daily. If we followed his logic, we
>     wouldn’t see any preposterous speech coming from any politician
>     ever and certainly not from any Democratic President. Perhaps he
>     should open his mind to comprehend that lying with smooth,
>     intelligent words is the way of every recent President and lies
>     kill. His father did some stupid things, too, including giving the
>     first amnesty to illegal aliens. His legacy is millions of
>     unwanted, illegal aliens taking over California and turning it
>     into a social and political pig sty and turning this nation
>     against itself. He talked pro-life, but did nothing to save the
>     babies. He talked prayer in the schools, but didn’t lift a finger.
>     to change it back. I liked Reagan during his time, especially
>     after the incompetent Carter, but his legacy is an America broken
>     within.
> http://americanspotlight.com/news/ronald-reagans-son-attacks-trump/
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