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WATCH: Students With MAGA Hats EVICTED From 'Safe Space' Coffee Shop At
Fordham U

"I'm protecting our customers!"

ByEmily Zanotti @emzanotti December 10, 2017 A group of students wearing
"Make America Great Again" hats were booted from a non-profit coffee
shop on the Fordham University campus because the cafe is considered a
"safe space," and the hats were triggering customers and staff.

In a shocking video obtained by Campus Reform, a student worker at
Rodrigue’s Coffee House harasses and berates the group, screaming that
the students were "“Fascism, Nazis!” and they have "three minutes" to
vacate the premises.


“You are threatening the integrity of our club. This is a community
standard — you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space
policy,” the woman — the coffee shop manager — says in the video. “You
have to take it off or you have to go.”

When the students take their time, the woman becomes agitated,
eventually screaming “Get out! Five minutes."

When a student asks her to explain, she continues to shout. “Fascism,
Nazis! You have three minutes.”

“I do not see fascism, Nazis on this hat,” one of the hat-wearing
students answers. “I see America.”

In a later interview with the New York Post, the MAGA-hat wearing group
says they weren't "reading off a manifesto" or even talking politics.
They were sitting in the coffee house discussing their respective study
strategies for finals week.

According to Campus Reform, the coffee house is actually an
extra-curricular "club," and is staffed by a group of volunteers, and
it's ideological leanings are well known. There are also rules for
patronizing the coffee shop. Among them, "Do not make assumptions about
someone’s gender, sexuality, race, class, or experiences” and “No racism
— No sexism — No homophobia.”

They claim to be an open space on their Facebook page, and a review of
their services indicates that Rodrigue's “is the only on-campus club
that provides a daily, tangible service to all members of the Fordham
community through low-priced, organic and Fair-Trade coffee drinks as
well as an open community space.”

But their commitment to diversity apparently extends only so far.



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