[Rushtalk] Former President Carter Gives Praise To Trump

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Sat Sep 22 21:44:07 MDT 2018

Very bad news if this traitor is prasing trump its a trap.

Former President Carter Gives Praise To Trump 
      * 05/22/2018 
      * Source: TTN
      * by: TTN Staff 

Former President Carter Gives Praise To Trump

In a surprising revelation Tuesday, former President Jimmy Carter gave
President Trump some major praise. Indicating that Trump would, in fact,
deserve the peace prize if he succeeds with North Korea.

According to The Daily Caller: 

        Former President Jimmy Carter said he would endorse a Nobel
        Peace Prize for President Trump Tuesday if all goes well with
        North Korean peace talks.
        “If President Trump is successful in getting a peace treaty that
        is acceptable to both sides with North Korea, I think he
        certainly ought to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize,”
        Carter told Politico.
        Carter took aim at Trump’s morals and truthfulness, saying, “I’m
        not here to criticize, but I think that, you know, telling the
        truth is one of the basic moral values that’s important,” and
        added, “obeying the law is an oath that all of us take before we
        assume public office.”
        Carter also said that the U.S. has withheld potentially helpful
        aid from North Koreans, especially in aiding them with food
        “If they’re under constant belief that the United States wants
        to attack them, even using nuclear weapons — which many
        Democrats and Republican leaders in our country have mentioned
        as a possibility,” Carter said, “and that we are destroying
        their economy, and they know that they’re starving to death
        primarily because the United States withholds food aid, for
        instance, just giving them surplus food that we can’t ever use,
        then I can understand how they feel.”

The summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un has been up in the air as of
late. But South Korea has said they are confident it will happen next

 Source: TTN 

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