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The Full DeVos Plan to Arm Teachers 

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Many aspects of the eternal gun-control fight have been a little quiet
for the last few weeks. The left is too preoccupied with Mueller (which
usually happens when they have nothing substantial to complain about),
but a smaller story involving the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and
her new plan for school security has caused waves. We’ll look at that
plan, the predictable liberal response and why the left is wrong again.

Safely Raising Security

At the core of DeVos’ plan is an attempt to mirror school districts that
have already safely and successfully armed teachers. The first instances
of such districts date back years, and they have had no instances of
teachers going off the handle and brandishing weapons dangerously.

One of the key principles in the plan is that arming teachers is
entirely voluntary. Any teacher who is uncomfortable carrying will not
carry. Anyone with any amount of firearm experience understands why this
is vital. And, anyone would suggest an alternative is an idiot (or a
fear-mongering Democrat).

Once trained, armed teachers can supply the fastest possible response
times to any threat. Furthermore, if roughly 10 percent of teachers are
armed in any given school, they will never be outnumbered or outgunned
by random shooters.

It’s an obvious solution, and it hasn’t just worked in select school
districts. Since the FAA approved a similar plan for pilots in 2001,
there have been zero instances of armed terrorists hijacking an American
airplane. Seems like a pretty good model.

The Battle for Funds

The more intricate part of this plan and the ensuing fight began when
Texas and Oklahoma looked for ways to fund their pilot programs with
Department of Education money. Their hope was that those funds could
prevent teacher defense programs from inflicting educators with
additional financial burdens.

In their infinite wisdom, the Democrats worked quickly to prevent
federal funds from being used to buy firearms. They attached a bill
rider that made it illegal for Department of Education money from buying
any firearms at all.

In one of the most satisfying political moves of the year, DeVos found a
clean loophole. She and her crew noted that money from Academic
Enrichment Grants are not covered by the new bill. Hence, she has
suggested that school districts hoping to pay for teacher-used firearms
can dip into these funds.

This is the current “controversial” iteration of the plan you may have
seen in the news. Not to be stifled, the extremely left-leaning legal
groups known as the Giffords Law Center and the Southern Poverty Law
Center are already preparing a legal battle against DeVos’ loophole.

Liberal Uproar

The most entertaining (or frustrating, depending on your mood) part of
this whole news cycle has been the liberal response. After being
thoroughly outwitted by DeVos, the usual crowd is predictably horrified.

Nancy Pelosi led the charge in condemning DeVos for daring to want to
protect children in school. She claimed that this plan is just “trying
to do the bidding of the NRA.” She also suggested that arming teachers
turns schools into unsafe fortresses (as compared to the actual
fortress-like schools in many inner city and poor districts).

Not to be outdone, Phil Murphy flew entirely off the handle. For those
who don’t remember, he’s the current Governor of New Jersey and the de
facto leader of the liberal gun grabbers. He claims that arming teachers
is illogical and dangerous — suggesting that every time a gun enters a
classroom the result is always tragic and devastating.

He seems to be forgetting the thousands of teachers that have been
safely armed in classrooms for years. He also seems unaware of the fact
that law enforcement officials enter classrooms across the country
millions of times a year without the slightest whiff of tragedy.

Really, this is just the usual fear-mongering tripe. Anyone capable of
rational thought understands that a firearm is completely harmless until
it is wielded by someone with intent to harm. The plan to arm teachers
is an obvious attempt to take real measures against school shootings,
and the liberals are willing to bargain the lives of children for the
sake of their political agenda.

There’s another point to be made in all of this. If teachers, on
average, cannot be trusted with a firearm, should we be trusting them
with the safety and education of our kids in the first place? That’s the
inherent contradiction in the left. Feel free to remind them of it at
every opportunity.

~ National Gun Network



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