[Rushtalk] California pounds another nail in coffin of First Amendment

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Exactly, and we have that option, too.  Though, with it being one of my jobs - pay, drive, carry- I prefer the bags with handles.  It’s habit now.  We always remember to take our bags.

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Here we are starting to go back to paper. They are recyclable and biodegradable.

On 9/24/2018 12:38 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
Sorry, Carl.  I am 100% in favor of the grocery bag idea.  It is already obviously working.  People are re-using their own.  There are far fewer bags littering the streets and waterways.  It used to be we’d tangle those damned bags in props all the time, and it isn’t happening anymore.

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On Sat, 2018-09-22 at 13:34 -0400, John Quayle wrote:

                    I'm just saying that outsiders seem to know more about what's going on in YOUR state than you do. Now, you can deny and label this as fake news, but World Net Daily isn't The National Enquirer..............

Banning soda straws and free grocery bags in favor of thicker ones which money is charged and which will take longer to dissolve in landfills.
This is a state in a mental health crisis.



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