[Rushtalk] Michelle Obama's Book Tour Tickets Are Ridiculously Expensive

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      * 09/21/2018 
      * Source: American Update  
      * by: AU Staff 

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The ticket prices have been released for Michelle Obama's upcoming book
tour and the prices are outrageous.

According to Page Six: 

        Last week, Michelle Obama announced her nationwide book tour of
        “Becoming,” her first memoir. But when tickets went live on
        Friday, fans freaked out at the sky-high prices, which are as
        expensive as going to a Beyoncé concert.
        Nosebleed seats start at $30, while front-row seats go for
        $3,000 and include a pre-show photo opportunity with the former
        first lady, a signed book, and other “VIP” gifts. To put it in
        perspective, VIP tickets to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On The Run II”
        tour are $1,000.
        “Michelle Obama is out here selling Beyoncé priced tickets and I
        was not prepared,” one user wrote on Twitter, followed by a
        crying emoji.
        “This is for the upper-middle to upper class only,” tweeted
        another Obama fan. “The rest of us can’t swing $200 for one

I guess the profit motive overrides the former First Lady's need to be a
champion of the people. 

 Source: American Update  


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