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Former Football Star Announces Presidential Candidacy 
      * 2019-03-28 
      * Source: American Update 
      * by: AU Staff 

Former Florida State standout  Wayne Messam has announced he will enter
the Democrat field for the 2020 presidential nomination.

According to The Daily Caller: 

        He used to catch touchdowns, but now he’s looking to catch some
        of the most famous politicians in the U.S. in the polls.
        Former Florida State wide receiver Wayne Messam announced that
        he is running for president Thursday, becoming the latest
        candidate to enter a crowded Democratic primary field. Messam
        played at Florida State under legendary head coach Bobby Bowden,
        helping the Seminoles win a national championship in 1993.
        Messam has served as the mayor of Miramar, Florida since 2015,
        and before that served as a member of the Miramar City
        Commission from 2011-2015. The White House would be a big step
        up for the former football star, but if his college football
        career is any indication, Messam might just be capable of making
        the jump.
        Messam has already been to the White House once to celebrate
        the Seminoles‘ 1993 national championship win. Can he get there

It remains unclear if this is just for publicity or if Messam is serious
about a run for the White House. 

 Source: American Update 

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