[Rushtalk] Finally Trump asks Europe to pay NATO's bills

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Mon Aug 5 16:18:36 MDT 2019

July 16, 2019

This Trump Achievement Makes Americans Safer

President Trump is chiefly responsible for pressuring increased defense
spending on the part of European countries within NATO, says John
Bolton. Fox News reports:

        WASHINGTON — National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday
        that an increase in defense spending from NATO allies, after
        pressure from President Trump, marked a significant victory for
        the United States and made the alliance stronger.
        “The statistics that the NATO secretary general has given us
        indicate that the Trump push, and that’s what it is, to get NATO
        members to spend more has resulted in, based on his
        calculation, over the past two years in $100 billion more being
        spent by our European allies on defense,” he said. “This is an
        unequaled triumph and I would argue it makes NATO stronger and
        that’s exactly what we should be doing.”
        Bolton spoke at the National Conservatism Conference in
        Washington, in a wide-ranging question-and-answer session on
        topics spanning U.S. foreign policy, sovereignty and national
        Arguing that an “America First” policy can lead to stronger
        results abroad, he pointed to Trump’s repeated public calls for
        NATO members to meet their commitment to spend at least 2
        percent of their GDP on defense. The U.S spends approximately
        3.5 percent.

Rearming Europe to contain Russia and fight radical Islamic terrorism in
the Middle East is critical, and this increase will enable all allied
members to enjoy greater security.


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