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28 - December 2018 Posted By : Admin Comments : 7 Limbaugh’s Warning For
Trump On Christmas Eve, talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh urged President
Donald Trump to hold firm on his insistence on full funding for a
U.S.-Mexico border wall despite the impasse with Congress. (Breitbart)

        Limbaugh said the Democrats owned the shutdown, even though the
        media suggest otherwise. According to Limbaugh, the media have
        improperly concluded it can separate Trump from his base.
        “The shutdown is obviously a top priority subject,” Limbaugh
        said at the beginning of his Monday show. “I just need to
        reiterate some things about it. We’re hearing that it’s not
        going to be resolved until the new year. The Democrats have no
        incentive, really, to solve this until they take control of the
        House of Representatives on, I think, January 3. But I want the
        president to hold firm on this.”
        “This shutdown is one that the Democrats own,” he continued.
        “This would be very easy to resolve, and they don’t want to do
        it. They don’t want to do it, because I’ll tell you, if you look
        at the media today, the Washington Post today, CNN, folks, they
        have Trump gone in three months. They think this is going to
        lead me to the next subject we’re going to dissect here today.
        They believe in three months they will have fractured Trump’s
        base, i.e., you. They think they will have split Trump’s base.”

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