[Rushtalk] Fox News Legend Rivera Drops Truth Bomb on Dems Trump Hatred

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Tue Aug 6 17:42:53 MDT 2019

Has Heraldo become Conservative?

Fox News Legend Rivera Drops Truth Bomb on Dems Trump Hatred 
      * Source: TTN

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Geraldo Rivera gave the Democrats a big dose of truth recently. The Fox
News legend claimed that the only reason the Democrats object to Trump's
4th of July parade is because of their deep hatred for President Trump.

According to Fox News: 

        Fox News' Geraldo Rivera defended President Trump's Fourth of
        July parade plans saying that the only reason anyone opposed the
        celebration is their "hatred" for the president.
        "This is a symbol of the partisan toxic malignant atmosphere
        that we have in our country. When you see how Republicans feel
        about the country right now according to the surveys and the way
        that Democrats feel about the country now according to the
        surveys. It is amazing," Rivera told guest host Dan Bongino on
        "People on the left hates our president so much that they are
        willing to just put a negative spin on anything. How many times
        have you seen a flyover and an athletic event? Everybody loves
        them except for when President Trump is the one proposing them."
        Rivera said Trump had become a "synonym" for the country, argued
        that his visit to North Korea should be celebrated by everyone
        and told critics of the president to "get over themselves" and
        celebrate America's Independence Day.

Geraldo also said that everyone should be celebrating President Trump
going into North Korea but instead, the Democrats are having a meltdown
over something that is actually good for America. 

 Source: TTN 

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